Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A dog meowing?

This is really ummm.. strange. This guy's voice is ummm.. well, kinda impossible for a guy to be able to reach. It's that high!! amazing stuff. check it out.


A'a said...

shocking!! i seriously did not expect that to happen! haha a guy with a lady's sopano voice? that is faking asam!! haha i couldn't even reach those crazy notes myself!! hahaha

sweet_knk said...

gilek arr!! muka Simon cam doubtful mula2 tu.. huhuh.. "That shouldn't have happened," Simon.. "It's like a dog meowing.."
hahaha.. I certainly can't sing like that.. at least he talks like a normal guy kan?.. it would be extremely weird if he sounded like the way he was singing while he was talking.. hohoho~~