Friday, April 24, 2009

Malay Pak Guards

Hello peoples! I woke up early today, early as in 11am. Which is quite alright I guess. Not too early, not too late and the first thing that I did was to brush my teeth and turn on the computer and get online. It's been a few days since my last post, so I figured that I should do another update. Since I haven't been doing much lately, I'm gonna write abut something else instead of the usual. Pak Guards!! yes! Not just any pak guard, but specifically the malay pak guards.

It's a well known profession here actually. Well known for their vulgarity, rudeness and lack of respect towards other people. Especially teens. Now I've been having trouble with guards since the first time I started doing parkour. But most of the time I just walk away, IF the guards approached me in a proper way. You see, some guards are pretty cool, they watch us do our stuff, and give encouragements and on some occasions tell us off after a while but in a respectful manner. So we're cool with that. And we respond very well to courteous guards like that.

But unfortunately, most of the time, we have to deal with loud, insulting guards who think they own the fucking place. Most of the time, their arguments don't make any sense. Probably cuz they skipped school when they were younger. Anyway, the official way these guards greet us are usually with a loud "WOI!!!" or "OIII!!". Hmmm... My natural response for that kind of attitude is usually to tell them to fuck off. Especially when we're training in public parks where we're obviously not disturbing other people. We usually have a little spot for ourselves away from the crowd to avoid any mishap with the public and especially kids. We especially make this our number one priority.

So after the woi and oi they'll follow up with something like, "dah besar pon nak main lompat2 ke?" or "kalau nak lompat2 gi main tempat lain" and of course my favourite line from these guards is "jangan main kat sini, nanti rosak". Woooohh!! Rosak tu!! Gile ah, my limbs are made out of concrete maybe. I can break cement walls with bare hands and feet. I never knew I had such super human strength. But seriously, most of the time they don't even have a valid point for arguement. Just because they don't know what we're doing they're telling us off like we're a pack of dogs.

Apart from the usual encounter during parkour, we also sometimes get the boot when tricking on grass. There was this one time, when we were training near the lake in Putrajaya. We've been training there for more than a year and since it's pretty secluded, not many people are around. But one fine day, I guess this guard is a new one and too eager to use his new found power, not that they have any told us to stop tricking and get off the grass. He told us that we can't do it. Oh, wow. We can't even trick on grass where there are no people around? wow just wow. So I was curious to know why we can't train here. We're obviously not hurting the grass, It's carpet grass weyh. So I asked him. "kenapa?" as in why can't we train here. And he responded with get this, these are his exact words, "tak tau" and then almost immediately after he said that went off on his bike continuing his rounds. WOOOOOW!!!! AMAZING!!! SO COOLLL!!!!! That has to be the most coolest answer I ever got from a pak guard. Nak marah pon tak jadi marah. hahaha!! So we packed it up and headed somewhere else. Cuz his response certainly caught us off guard. LOL!!

Now I know it's not just me, and I have to point out, that most of these pesky guards are malay. I'm not being racist of my own race, but it's a fact. Most guards are malay anyway. And unfortunately, most of them lack a lot in the courtesy area. You're just a guard, you have no actual authority over anything. They fail to see, that most of us are pretty cool, IF, like I mentioned above, they're polite and speak some sense instead of speaking out of their asses. We respond well to that.


A'a said...

typical malays, i guess. haha here pun sama weh!! it's not like we're disturbing people~ *rolls eyes. sometimes, even people at the park tak peduli kite buat ape. tapi the guards haish SETAIE HANTAP NYANTAAAA macam park atu bapa nya punya saja!! hahaha nah my brunei malay plak keluar. :P

btw, biography bile nak send, amir? :D

A.C.A.P said...

hahahaha!!! nice topic seyh...
lg satu point bgus utk argue dgn pak guard yg kata "woi! korg tau x korg wat bnda tu bhye??!!! patah ape2 karang aku jgk yg susah!!"

how to argue(cat style):-

"pak cik, pak cik isap rokok tu lg bhye dr ape yg kitorg buat...pak cik tau x, kitorg yg hidu bau asap tu lg bhye..."(quote from cat)

plus...kalo kite patah ape2, mcm ar kite susahkan die...menggelabah sial pak guard skarang...

Keyrana said...

MENTALITI melayu yg sempit. takleh deny.

tak boleh terima benda yang cool..

nalhdaf said...

talking about pak guards.
teringat plak dulu there's one pak guard watching us training at the park n joined us n he did backhandspring.

sweet_knk said...

uiii, topik best..
why is it Malays come up as narrow minded people eh?.. wonder when this will change.. (^^,)

i used to hang out with my guy friends, around 11 people, at a public place once and this really rude guard was like, telling us to blah.. said we were an eyesore.. but we weren't even doing anything, just hanging around!! what the hell..

but like you said, if the guard approached us nicely we wouldn't have cause a racket.. my friends were cussing like hell, a fight nearly broke out.. dah la org Kedah nih kasaq.. hahaha..

pelaq toi gad tuh..

uiii... cover balik.. hahaha!!.. memories...

Hariz said...

Dats so true..
Had some experiences here myself in jb..haha.

@Fr!^n@ said...

guard giler kuasa..
ahahahahah baru bg sket da lebeyh..
ahahahah wat to do..

siddiq said...

amir, ko lupe nie~~

"wei!! nak kn tembak ke!!??""

td gler dowh, record br, 7 guard halau.. selamat sume politely, agaknye dorang bc blog ko kot..haha

Jules said...

Wow that's the first time I have read a post like this coming from a Malay about a Malay. (Er I hope I don't sound racist either since I'm chinese). But you're right. If people are nice and would just approach/say things nicely, then other people won't hate them or flame them. People (not just Malays but everyone) just need to learn some courtesy!

sweet_knk said...

well said Jules..
courtesy is important.. (^^,)