Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gay people? Woot?

Okay, I just read something in Yahoo! news about the beauty pageant that lost her crown just because she was expressing what she thought about same sex marriage. Hmmm... Is it just me, or have gayness reached a new level to where they're accepted to be part of society? WHAT THE FUCK?? You know, I don't really give a shit about these things but I guess when you leave something like this alone for too long, it'll end up getting out of hand. So let's get this straight. God created Adam and Eve, yes I do believe in god and when he created Adam and Eve it was for a reason that they were both different. One is a Man, and the other a Woman. Even if you don't believe in god, just look at nature for fucks sake. You don't see a fucking guy lion humping another lion dude. No! They fuck each other up(pun intended). They fight for territory to protect their females and kiddies. They do not fuck each other in the ass and cuddle afterwards.

As for the girl lions, they prolly lick each other from time to time but it's in no way sexual. Besides, what's there to gain? You can't reproduce and even if you did raise some kids, god forbid, they might be influenced just because of that. Which in turn will spawn more and more of this abomination of a trend. I'm not saying this just to diss you gay people. But it's gotta stop before it gets any worse.

Thing is, they're proud to be gay. They proudly show it to the world, on their Facebooks, on their Myspace, their blogs, etc. And to think that some of them are people that I used to go to school with. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT? And now its become taboo for heterosexual people voice out their personal thoughts about homosexuality being unnatural and wrong? What happened to freedom of speech? What has happened to the world that we can't even express our opinions? Homosexuality is clearly a fucked up concept. So why are we embracing it?

Someone's gotta speak up. Even though it might spark an outrage. But if we don't start now, things will only get even worse. Think about it. Even here in Malaysia, gay parties are fucking everywhere, posted on facebook with pictures, event dates, venues and invites. Start opening your eyes, don't think that it's okay just because a lot of people are doing it. You know that it's wrong and I bet the gay community knows that its wrong somewhere inside their messed up sexuality.

As an ending note. I'm really sorry, but I can't fool myself into thinking that homosexuality is alright. I don't care if I get heat from this. Cuz I know I'm one of a very few who's speaking out about this issue.


A.C.A.P said...

me agree with you amir...
there are lots of gays out there nowadays...
eyesore dude...
sakit mato den memandang...

FarA said...

dick and dick.

ah the confused living mammals on earth.
gross gross.

A'a said...

hoho i have a gay classmate who's actually a primary school teacher. that's messed up man! you wouldnt want your kids to be taught by a gay teacher, would you? hapuskan gay communities! haha but then again, it's one of the signs hari nak kiamat kot.

sweet_knk said...

gay is so uncool..

life is so f**ked up for those people..
but then again, American celebrities are not setting good examples to the world either, since their influence is bigger..
they openly acknowledge their twisted sexuality with the world.. and this in turn influenced their fans to act the same way.. talk about twisted..

well, that's my opinion anyway..
and i also agree with A'a, about it being a sign of the end of the world thingy..

lolina. said...

I shall quote you on freedom to express our opinion.

Homosexuals have every right to express themselves as much as heterosexuals. In the end they ARE still human, so they are entitled to the right of freedom of speech as much as the rest of us. Times are changing, people can't stop other people from doing the things they believe in.

We can't please everyone.

Take playing sports for instance. A guy expresses how football is probably the greatest sport in the world, while others don't see it as such. Again I say, you can't stop people from doing the things they believe in.

I have nothing against homosexuals. I admit sometimes I get just a little creeped out by them but I believe they ARE still humans and they have every right to be in this world as the rest of us do. Just because they are attracted to the same sex doesn't deny them any right to living just like heterosexuals.

Think about it: just because they are homosexuals doesn't deny them of life and happiness. We are, after all, still humans. The only thing the rest of us can do is tegur and hope for the best.

Religion-wise, we've done our part in advising, kitorang dah lepas dari dosa.

Don't impose your own beliefs onto people - it will only suffocate them. If they listened to what you have to say but still chose to stay how they are, then they will be the ones answering to God - not you.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

those that accepted homosexuality obviously have something wrong with their mind. Come on, it's just disgusting! I am homophobes!!! LOL! I run away from homos.

lolina. said...

it's not much of acceptance. it's tolerance. you don't have to accept it, you just have to realize the fact that they exist and there's just so much people can do about it.

you don't accept certain things - not just homosexuality - you just tolerate it. not being able to tolerate it, sorry to say, makes a person rather narrow-minded.

don't be hatin'. you don't have to accept it. you just have to tolerate it.

Amir Hamzah said...

homosexuals are in the same category as pedophiles and satan worshippers, ie. wrong in every possible way. tolerating it would be the same as condoning it. it's wrong and it should be voiced out. You fail to see how this trend started to its roots in the first place. it was because of tolerance to the extent where laws are made to protect and allow homosexuals to continue with their deviant lifestyle that made it worse.

it doesn't make a person narrow minded, it makes him a person who is able to clearly discern between what is right and what is not. And homosexuality amongst other problems in the world today are definitely not on the right path. I have gay friends too and they're good people I admit. But it still doesn't make it right.

@Fr!^n@ said...

after all.. we are homo sapien..
ckup la name je da homo...
no need to be homo lagy..
everyone is created to be with our partner man for women n women for men..

n i oso have a besties which is gay.. but is till love her..as a fwen.. sedeyh tgk dye camtuh.. i try my besh to advice her.. tp.. she got a choice to make.. i have no power at all..

agree wif lolina.. they are still Human... we cannot judge them by that..hee.. i just throw out my opinion.. :)

lolina. said...

I never said it was right. No where in my sentence did I say homosexuality is "right". I'm just stating that, in the end, it's between them and God - just like everything else everyone does.

You have your opinions, I got mine, right? I just thought it was a little harsh of everyone to say it so hateful.

siddiq said...

Gays are fucked up but theres nothing we can do.. Unless you are a very powerful person that can do sumthing bout, its preety much a dead end..

A'a said...

like i said, it's nearly the end of the world. everything's terbalik, tak tentu arah. lelaki nak jadi perempuan, perempuan nak jadi lelaki.

Jules said...

Amir thanks for saying it! I so agree with you! You're brave to speak up! I support you!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

Advising wont do any goood. Do you think that many thousands years ago advising worked and that homosexuals are gone now?nope.obviously when the kaum lut were banished by gabriel,homosexuals indeed were gone by that time.but it started again, so the best way is to not only advise and let it happen, you gotta..............

BAN THEM!!!! THEY SUCK! Prepare to be banned you fucking queers, homos and gays!!!!!!!! HOMO HOMO HOMO HOMO!!!!

Keyrana said...

buat perjumpaan anti gay, pembunuhan gay ramai2. kasik other gays kecut sampai jadi straight balik.

A.C.A.P said...

kite xleh tolerate dgn diorg...nati diorg naik kepala...and me agree with abudi...
xleh jgk nk approve diorg...diorg mmg xde tmpat kat dunia ni...sbb tu kaum Nabi Lut tu dihapuskan...and diorg xleh pikir hak diorg jek...diorg perlu pikir dgn lebih mendalam bnda nih...kalo nk main hak2 ni..mcm tu Allah ada hak ke atas semua hamba2Nya di atas muka bumi ni...

lolina. said...

well i suppose things happen for a reason. think about it: if the fates and lives of every man, woman and child were predetermined since the dawn of time, shouldn't there be a reason why things happen as it is now? kalo nak bunuh all the gays, tak ke dosa jgk? membunuh kaum manusia sendiri?

dunno la. i'm just tossing out my opinion on this case, although my opinion is clearly not welcomed here. dah la. nanti dibenci pulak. :p

Anonymous said...

lina is just voicing out damn it. nak lawan statement die kasi la contoh kukuh dan berasas siket.
but, i dont agree with lina too. we cant just let them and mind our own business. this is about religion im talking about. have to approach them slowly. NOT BAN THEM.

Anonymous said...

if the fates and lives of every man, woman and child were predetermined since the dawn of time, shouldn't there be a reason why things happen as it is now?

- sebagai ujian utk org laen. org cacat diciptakan supaye orang yang perfek dapat tengok. kalo semue orang kat dunie ni perfek da tu sape yang nak bersyukur dengan pmberian tuhan? pike2 yep. kalo saye salah tego la cpt2. sbb camnila kfahaman saye skarang buat mase ni..

*raise flameshield*

sicool said...

Nobody is against lolina's comment. Everybody was just voicing out their own opinion. Everyone got their own opinion right? freedom of speech isnt it?

I think everybody is correct in all senses. Others opinions on gays should be killed and destroyed are basically following the teachings of Islam. (i've read sumewhere bout it.do correct me with relevent hadiths or quran if im wrong).

Futhermore, it is wrong to let the gays be gays, as a muslim, we should do anything we can to solve a predicament, especially the one that is against the teachings of Islam. Giving just one advice, then say, "I've done my deeds" is not enough. Tolerating with them is most definitely will make them to grow even more. U may say that, in the end, "it is between them and Allah", but you actually will get the tempias of their sins if u just tolorated with their acts. Islam is about the relationship of one ummah with another. There is no "i" in Islam.

Not tolerating gay people does not make people narrow minded. If it is like that, does that mean people who is not tolerating alcohol, free sex, killing other person, bribery and others kinds of bad stuff make a person narrow minded? Because homesexuality is just as bad as all of this.

It is not a matter of human rights, their rights to do stuff. This makes it OK for everybody to do anything they want, including the evil and sinful stuff. We cannot put religion aside, we just cannot. Religion has to be on top. No, this does not mean Islam is a religion of hardship that we cannot do everything we want, but Islam is a religion of fairness, peace and goodness. It focuses on the good of life and make hate on the bad of life.

On the other hand, what Lolina said is in accordance of life nowadays and how the world had turned out. We cannot really kill gays in respect of the public interest nowadays. Even Muslims themselves right now currently are too scared to condemmed homesexsual in a large scale because they dont to be called cruel by others.

I guess this what happens when u do not follow the teachings of quran and hadiths... I guess the world is goin to an end.

I may not be the most saint Muslim in the world, or even in the house im' currently, i do admit that i had committed sins even the sinful ones, i do break promises and being dishonest on other people, and i do held arms of woman who is not my wife, but that doesnt mean we cannot do a good deeds. Even if when it comes to expressing opinion.


sicool xtra said...

Doing a sin does not make u cannot make a good deed. No matter how bad u r as muslim, u still eligible for a pahala.

sweet_knk said...

uiii, topik panasssss...

A'a said...

panas indeed! hahah

like i said earlier, DUNIA DAH NAK KIAMAT!!!! hahaha gays makin menjadi2 tu adalah satu petanda weh!

and we cannot stop the war between the palestinians and the jews cos itu dah laknat Allah. ade dalam Quran. kalau islam dan jews bersatu kiamat weh.

ok out of topic hahahaha

im just sick of all these fight. who's right and who's wrong. hahaha orang islam sepatutnya bersatu. haiyaaaa.

sicool said...

nobody is fighting.. but just making it right what is wrong..

A'a said...

bak kata orang brunei, mun paham bisai. haha

Anonymous said...

ksimpulannye, kita x bole biarkan je gay2 ni menjadi gay. have to approach them.
dan, kite juge x bole bunuh, kutuk, makan or papela mende laen yg mengarut.

i think there is nothing wrong with this statement. kalau ade, bitau.

Anonymous said...

case solved :)

sweet_knk said...

i was browsing through profiles in Tagged, and i noticed a guy, quite handsome.. (^^,)

anyways, i checked out his pictures, and most of them were commented by other guys, some are quite handsome if i say so myself!..

and the way they commented was like.. like they were interested in him and flirting with him!!
it was gross!!!! eeewwwwwww!!!

i was quite blunt when i sent a message to him.. i asked if he was gay.. he replied 'no, i'm not gay but i like having fans, even if it is from guys, i like it'.. i was like, WTF??!!
anyways, i gave him some advise, i didn't yell or anything, and he took it quite well.. (^^,)

wait, what was my point again?.. i forgot.. hahahaha..

oh ya, people - gays and non gays - respond well to mannered advise compared to yelling and cursing..

so we'll have to do justice to the gays as well.. they are humans, and being humans, we are prone to make mistakes.. it's in our veins, in our blood, hence the term, no body is perfect..

we just need to help the gays realize that they're making a mistake and get them to come to their senses.. WITHOUT yelling or cursing them..(^^,)

and i strongly believe that everyone has the right to give advise.. it doesn't matter if you have sinned or not because like i said before, no body is perfect.. so even if you have done or is doing something sinful, it still gives you the right to advise people.. who knows, maybe you'd open up their hearts and show them to the right path.. you might also see the light yourself and change into a better person..

well, i guess that's all.. (^^,)

Paras|te said...

Do not ban them but just tolerate them? Its the same thing such as killing, robbing and fucking all around and stuff? If you cant accept, just tolerate? Everyone is right in their one sense and point of views? Are u saying that it is right to simply accept and tolerate them because they are just simply "human" like all of us and that the world has certainly fucked up? We cannot kill them because the world has changed too much? Well, certainly you guys can argue in terms of human rights. But you guys missed out the most important thing.. Who in the fuck are we to argue the command of god himself? Are you trying to argue with God who has basically commanded each and every one of us to ban and even kill gays? No matter how smart you argue, you must realise that you are stupid and puny when compared to Allah. Certainly God is so great that we cannot simply understand why each and everything happens in this world. We see the world now as unbalanced.

But, this is where we can basically see the greatness of Allah himself. He is the God allmight, the most merciful and the most justice. Do you really think that you are smart enough to argue with the One who basically created your very brain itself by saying that it is too cruel to kill the fuckin gays? Are you questioning Allah's order? Do you realise that you had clearly disobeyed his order by TOLERATING the gays which God himself told u not to tolerate? No matter how smart you guys argue, it is a fact that we should kill and ban gays because it is Allah's order. Are you.. Questioning Allah's order just because you yourself think it is too cruel? Then I will certainly tell you this, you do not have faith in Allah. Why? Because you question him. Why? Because it is the human rights? Is it the human rights to basically misuse the body which Allah himself has created and given you? He gave you life.. Which without it you will not even exist and will not even have the fucking chance to argue about this topic. What makes you think you deserve to have any freedom?

Our job is simple, become a muslim, pray to Allah and prevent from doing the things that Allah forbids. Who in the fuck are we to argue about God's command just simply because of the fucked up altered perception of view which has been generated by many fucked up people in this fucked up era? Do you realise what is happening now is Sociocentrism? You believe and follow what others believe and think is right. Now, that would be wrong because all the other fuckers are disobeying Allah's order isn't that right? Is it too hard to simply understand that we are provided with the brain to argue because it has been given to us by Allah, and I find it confusing why people are so damn stupid to basically question and argue with the Creator himself? he knows everything, understands everything.. You who only understands a few, are trying to convince others to do the thing that Allah himself forbids.. Which is tolerating gays? Do not kill them? Do not band them? Because it is wrong and too cruel to be done because it harms the human rights? Do you guys even realise what you guys are saying? You guys are SAYING that Allah's command is wrong, that we should not follow his command because it is too cruel, we chould not follow his command because his command does not apply with the modern situation. I don't understand why you guys value your puny brain too much more than its actually worth. Allah is the past, the present, and the future. He knows what happens and what will happen at all times. Are you saying that Allah does not think about the future at all? Are you saying that Allah is unable to provide a command that should be applicable in this modern era? You guys should realise how much faith you guys neglect as a muslim.

If I remember correctly, there is this person who said that "she is just voicing out damn it!". Wow, are u supporting the fact which has been stated which certainly goes against Allah's teaching? In other words, are you supporting other's false believe due to lack of Islamic knowledge just because of this over-rated human rights which does not think about the afterlife at all? You basically just supported other's false believe without the intention to even correct it as a true muslim in front of Allah who sees and knows everything. I hope you realise that and how wrong it actually is.

It is easy to see why this argument happen in the first place. Due to lack of knowledge about Islam and the lack of fearing Allah. The reason why this fucked up acceptable gay fucking trend going worldwide is because humans are too fucked up thinking about this world which is basically just a temporary station that we are supposed to collect as much good deeds as possible before going the after life. Life on earth has certainly been over rated, human rights are too damn fucking over rated. What kind of fucked up situation are we in? Supporting a law which allows human to disobey Allah's order and misuse their body which was ultimately given and created by Allah himself. Human rights? What makes you think that we deserve any rights if we do not even play our role as a muslim correctly? In the end, we are only supposed to follow Allah's order and play our part as a muslim and as his slave. Thats right, you guys are just slaves! It is fortunate that you guys are offered a chance to be loved by Allah, and all you have to do is love Him back. For all the things that you do because of your love for Allah, He will give you love which is multiplied over and over again.

Giving this chance, look at what we are doing? We are arguing with His commands? There is no way that you can win against me in this very argument because Allah is smarter and more justice than you who are just simply created from mud.

Gays? They are the seeds of destruction to Muslims! Clearly going against Allah and are supported by many fuckers who do not even know the thing that they are proudy arguing about in the first place!

If you are not religious, well then, I should argue with another perception of view. Can you guys not see how wrong this fucking Gay trend actually is? Let me give u a statistic..

Currently females are about 3x more than the amount of males..
Lets say that males are 1000, than females are 3000.
So, how much guys in this world do you think that marries 3 women at the same time? This basically proves that there are many women left unmarried!!
Ok, now that you guys are starting to understand my point of argument, let me add.. How much guys do you think that stays unmarried until the day they die? There are many guys like that, especially the rapers and those who work in military and stuff. So, let me add even more.. With the amount of gays increasing globally, how much women do you think that are left unmarried? Certainly more than 3x the amount of males!

This is going against even the rule of nature! This is one of the reason why there are many sluts around this world without the intention and hope of getting the chance to even get a proper marriage. And this is all thanks to the people who support this fuckin gayness which basically increased the fucking problem. You guys are protecting their human rights? Then what do you have to say to the women that are left unmarried? Where is their right? It sucks to be them? Better luck next time? Well fuck you for not thinking straightly and correctly by supporting this fucking problems of abominations of nature.

When I say "you" repeatedly in this topic, I meant the people who are going against the command of Allah by supporting the thing that He forbids which is gayness itself.

The End!

Paras|te said...

Omg! There are many grammatical error and typo which I have left behind in the previous post! For example "One's mind = own's mind".
"Certainly more than 3x the amount of guys = not!! Mathematical error!"
Well, if you see those errors, just try to understand what I was actually trying to say. XD

sweet_knk said...

that was a very loooooong post..
my head was spinning trying to understand what Paras|te was talking about.. there were lots and lots and lots of repetition.. (o_0)

i personally understand and support your statement about Allah's order and bla bla bla.. but you also have to understand, in the world nowadays, you can't go around killing people, not even gays.. not even in the name of Allah.. why?.. because IT'S STUPID!! you'll just get arrested and put in jail where you will rot and unable to do anything to make the world a better place.. there is only one way you can fight this, which is by using your brain, the one Allah had given to you.. how?.. simple, through advise and guidance.. if you read my previous post, i already stated that humans are prone to making mistakes, even you.. it's in our blood.. WE ARE NOT PERFECT.. gays are just humans, they are making a mistake by choosing to be gays.. but we can't simply kill them.. Hudud law, a life for a life.. gays are HUMANS.. they make mistakes..

and if you want to fight using Allah as a reason, you must also understand this.. Islam is a peaceful religion.. we are peaceful people.. we can tolerate non-Muslims, not just now, but since our Prophets time.. even to dakwah, we cannot simply force someone to embrace Islam, we can't force them to mengucap.. Allah forbids it.. what is the point of someone embracing a religion if they were forced too?.. they won't understand our religion and our ways of life if they were forced.. can't you see?.. Islam is a peaceful religion, we don't fight using strength, we use our brains, the power of persuasion..

back to our hot topic..

i don't know about you, but for me, i would accept an advise -big or small- if it was given to me nicely.. for example, let's say i was talking loudly in the hospital and a nurse approached me while smiling and say, "adik, harap adik dapat perlahankan suara, kat sini pesakit nk rehat, harap adik dpt memberi kerjasama".. i would be ashamed and quit talking instantly..
but if she approached me and said something like this, "adik, sini bukan hospital bapak adik, diam boleh tak? tak nmpak ka org tgah nk tido tu? buta ka?".. i would definitely start shouting and talk louder than before.. see what i just showed you?.. people react differently to different methods and approaches.. we have to approach the gays and advise them using the first example, so they won't be offended or lash back out.. gays are not mak nyah or pengkids, they don't want to be girls or boys, they just happen to like another person from the same sex..

we have to understand the current situation before jumping in.. try using your brain first, than your mouth.. (or fingers for typing).. hope i have made some of you understand this..

end of post.. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

ammar, dont talk as if you know every single thing that Allah said.

since when He told us to go around crazy and kill those gays??
havent u heard the word approaching?

yes, lina is wrong. and she is ONLY voicing. we heard her voice, so we know where are the wrong part. and those who know more about this matter can always correct her in a GOOD-MANNER way.

your long post sucks. i bet no one will even bother to read all those confusing words. bcoz you are saying the same thing all over again with a lots of question mark. and u talk as if you remember each single line of Al-Quran.

and yeah, maybe some of us, including me, is arguing against Allah's command. that because we are all HUMANS, always forgetting things and always assuming things wrong.

Anonymous said...

gays are HUMAN, just like YOU. and we, the normal one, should CORRECT them. NOT FUCKING KILL THEM

Wen said...

lolina is probably gay herself. she likes women.that's so true, i can see it from the way she likes gay people herself!!!and why is she typing in anonymous??

Abudi Alsagoff said...

i'll have to say that they gays must have turned out homo once he saw this ugly chick and then he was like, "WTF! are all chicks like this in this world? OMFG! Dudes looks better!!" So he turned gay.... not a happy ending story.hahahah.

Anyway, once reading what parasite said, that women is 3x of men's population, I think I should marry 3 women now. To save the population of women left unmarried. hahahahaha. I'm must be unselfish. to think about others and to save the population by marrying 3 women. holy shit!

and no, anonymous, how do you correct gays? all you're saying is exactly like lolina or you are lolina? your point is to correct them but you havent gave any specific way of correcting them. advising? still not specific enough. in what way should we advise? how should we advise? what should we say? and do you think it'll be effective and turn them straight once you advice them? naah.. i don't think so. You didn't provide us with the correct solution.

why do you think gay existed in the first place anyway? it's because of their fucked up mind and they're satan worshipper whom did evil deeds. gayness is like against nature itself. it's not only about the religion. Now, if you still disagree with this, do list out all of the religion that ALLOWS gayness to their followers. it's not only islam. If you are one of the unbeliever and are naive and would like to approach Christianity because the media totally have fucked up with your minds showing how free you can be with christianity. but if you study christianty truthfully, it's still a religion which does not allow fornication or free sex, drugs, alcohol abuse and homosexuality.

Now if you really want all that, yes you can do it, lets say you just become religion-less. and you'll do it and you'll be with satan and iblis in the hereafter's hell. You know that satan is just messing with bani adam's because they wanted us human to join them in hell. I read about satan worshipper and their believing, they believed that if they do all the satan's deed and worship satan, they'll be the ones of higher rank in hell with the satan. more likely just like in the marine, they have the commando, general and so on. just like that. but totally their head is fucked up and this is total bullshit. once they enter the hell, they'll be the satan's slave like duhhh!!!

lolina. said...

Wen - insulting me won't get you anywhere. everyone has their opinions on the topic, i should be allowed to have my opinion as well without being subjected to such insult and ridicule.

and damn, just because there are people who disagree with you straight away wanna point fingers at the first person who disagreed with you guys ke? salah ke for a bunch of people to have similar opinions? so whoever who's posting anonymously has the same opinion as me. doesn't make him/her me.

for the record i have never and will never post anonymously on the internet. there's nothing for me to fear on the internet.

A'a said...

hoho topic semakin panas.

sweet_knk said...

so true la A'a..
bertambah kepanasannya..
hope we don't get 3rd degree burns.. huhuhu.. (^^,)

Keyrana said...

kalau nak tahu memang ada perintah sembelih orang2 kafir dalam alQuran. JIHAD.

orang kafir = orang tak betul
gay = orang tak betul
orang kafir = sembelih
gay = sembelih

so apa salahnya? stupid? memang dikira stupid sebab sekarang da akhir zaman. semua terikat dengan undang2 dunia. bunuh orang masuk penjara...gayness ia human rights...blabla..bullshit.

tiada penghayatan dalam agama. macam ni la jadinya.

voicing out tiada masalah. dia nak bagi pendapat aje. pendapat dia bukan nak melawan Allah ke ape, cuma dia cakap apa yang dia rasa. kalau salah, kita betulkan. bila dah betul baru la orang tu "oooo..."

yang sebenarnya gay memang tidak boleh. HARAM. tidak boleh bertolak ansur. kena bunuh jugak. tapi sekarang bunuh bukan jalan penyelesaiannya.

kita semua sekarang tahu nak menghukum je bukan nak memahami.

tapi bab2 gay ni aku memang tak leh paham pon. so aku nak bunuh stupid, nak memahami lagi bangang. jadi aku cuma ikut flow. nak kiamat kan.

tapi apabila diberi pilihan, aku pilih untuk tidak menerima gay.

sial amir, komen2 blog ko da lebih dari blog aku

Abudi Alsagoff said...

why not kill all the gays? national gay beatdown day!!!! make that day and all gay will be beaten up.hahahah. but that's only one day kan. so tak guna juga..

Anonymous said...

first and foremost i would like to let you know that I'm not gay but i support the gay community.

don't all of you man there lie and say you don't watch lesbo porn. cause when you do the ratings of the websites go up.

Amir Hamzah said...

Hari nak kiamat is not an excuse not to do anything. Obviously we can't go on about our gay killing project due to the obvious reasons. So back in the day, the word gay was taboo. it was unthinkable. It was blasphemy. And then came the human rights people spewing out their bullshit and suddenly everyone went docile about it and began to.. "tolerate". Ah.. Don't you just love that word. Tolerate. Hmmm..

The world has turned out to be a pretty ugly place. Everything is heading straight to the dumps. The line between right and wrong is nothing more than a blur. It looks as if everyone can do anything they want as long as they have a solid "logical" argument to defend it.

There are 2 sexes. Male and Female and on occasions, those who are born having both. In that case, the person has a choice. Why? because physically the person is neither man or woman. So all that we can refer to is their psychological side. These people have a choice to choose to which we normal people, and I have to emphasize on the word NORMAL here, do not. I repeat, we do not have the same privilege.

Homosexuals are not born. And there's no such thing as gay genes, so don't bring that up into discussion. In short, homosexuals have a psychological disorder. They fail or maybe because of their "experiment" on their sexuality have gone a bit too far. Which brings us to the main point. In the end its all about sex. Sex of the same sex, I wonder if we can even call it that.

I mean seriously. In the end that's what its all about. Sexual preference. There are many kinds of sexual deviants. There's that sick fecal porn shit, s&m, skull fuckers and some people even fuck animals. These people are sick. Retarded. Psychologically unsound. It's something like an addiction. You do it often enough and you can't stop.

So I guess, instead of killing all of them. We could just lock them up into institutions. Psyche wards. The crazy house. The loony bin, whatever you want to call it. Since they can't be persuaded by normal means. Seriously, how many gay people have gone straight? I've never heard of any, so obviously the method of advising doesn't work.

Therefor I really think that putting them into an institution where they will be in a controlled environment, and I guess "re-educate" them about the law of nature. They'll be released once they "get better". After all, it's a psychological disorder. I don't see why this method shouldn't be implemented.

@Keyrana - I know man! so cool right? hahaha!

:: atique :: said...

amklah gay maksud positive...

jgn lah amk gay yg negative..

haha~adakah ini coment???

Amir Hamzah said...


dude. of course we get turned on. because we're dudes man. two naked chicks is always better than one. That point is lame, and shouldn't even be brought up to the table. It's like you're saying u support the gay community just because of the lesbian porno industry. Don't repost what you found on the net.

Amir Hamzah said...


Unfortunately the world doesn't work that way. Turning a blind eye doesn't make the problem go away.

Anonymous said...

well amir.
as i know i didnt take anything from the net.
its my own opinion and with u agree with my fact, u do support the lesbian community.

and just to let you people know that i almost turned gay. but i didn't due to religious and friends advices.

so butcher me already..

Amir Hamzah said...

nope i don't support the lesbian community. I don't really enjoy watching two girls licking each other that much. But that's beside the point. What I'm saying is, if the girl is hot, and the girl is naked. And if there are more than one of them. And if you're a dude whoo doesn't get wood at the sight of that. Then you're 99% gay. so its not really about them being lesbians. Its more to the fact that there's more than one horny girl.

Anonymous said...

and you talking about sexual urges which the gay and the lesbian have too. so what's wrong with that?

btw where do i get the mp3 format for the ask the ninja theme song

Amir Hamzah said...

cuz homosexuals are against the laws of nature and also, against any religion from my knowledge. So yea. You haven't read my blog post have you? or the whole debate in the comments for that matter? All the points are in there. So check it out.

Oh btw, I ripped the ninja song from youtube. Downloaded the video and just ripped part of the audio from it.

sweet_knk said...

uiii, the comments have gone crazier..
gila femes topik nih.. huhuh..

to those who argued that advising would do no good, I understand and accept your reasons, since it contradicts with my argument.. no hard feelings.. (^^,)

you said to put gays into institutions, loony bins, etc. right?.. is it wise to put gays with gays in a place where everyone happens to like the same sex?.. wouldn't things get a bit out of control?.. and if they were to be situated in a single place, who'd be the warden or keeper of said place, the same sex or the opposite sex?.. this question is out of curiosity, so humour me.. (^^,)

Amir Hamzah said...

for staff. people flock for paying jobs. So that won't be a problem. in a controlled environment means that everything is monitored. and yeah, rules. Punishment for breaking the rules. Like i said, re-educating them forcefully. hohohoho

Anonymous said...

amir amir.. i read the post and the comments but im human i can only remember a few of it.well with nature, i think there are gay animals like the bottle nose dolphin.

i know its wrong but i cant help the fact that they are human too and im a straight man and i aint no angel either. i dont pray i dont puasa when im suppose to, i drink. does that make me a nuisance to the society?no im human as people say i do mistakes.well they are doing huge mistakes and we here are mocking them about it. isnt that a sin too mocking some one behind their backs?

Amir Hamzah said...

it's not mocking. its an open debate. and the main topic for this discussion is that homosexuality should not be publicized and embraced by the world and by all means should npt be considered "ok".

you say you are no angel and you do those things you do despite being a muslim. But you do know its wrong right? Do you go about telling other people and claiming that it's part of your religion? So this is pretty self explanatory. You're twisting the whole thing inside out so please stay on topic.

and if you think that homosexual activities within the animal kingdom is natural. think again.


its psychological

A'a said...

panasssss. hahaha ok i am not supposed make fun of all this. =/ sorry.

anyhoots, i do agree with amir. we should have a rehab for gays as well. haha. re-teach them tentang ugama and everything. that would be a good idea. heh. and yeah, we can have rules and regulations to control things in the rehab.

aku dah tak tau nak cakap apa lagi. hahahaha damnnn.

"well with nature, i think there are gay animals like the bottle nose dolphin. " mannn, are you comparing yourself with an animal? how low.

Anonymous said...

lets just ask ourselves this question if the worlds started with adam and steve instead of adam and eve. and we the straight people are put into and asylum as u said. do you like that?

i think that amir does prove at some points. and the american government disapprove of the gay marriages but they don't outcast the gay community. they don't throw away all the gays to an island or send them to a nut house.

my hats off to you amir with your anti-gay rights

Amir Hamzah said...

lol! dude? are you high? If the world started with adam and steve, we won't be around today to be put into an asylum anyway. Adamn and steve can have butt sex all they want but they can never reproduce. The world would be a much lonelier place if that happened. so yea, i'm cool with being anti gay

Keyrana said...

kok camano la leh syok2 debat boleh alang2 tanye pasal lagu i am ninja?

joeduckboy..i assume you are a muslim? tak puase..tonggak...sakit bai...sakit...insaf2.

cmon2!! make it hundred!

Anonymous said...

kinda of high with the lack of sleep. pardon my structure for the last post.

what i want to emphasize is that if the main community is the american community, doesn't hate them and make them as taboo as before, why should we. cause it's naturally wrong? cause all out creepy? then why are we still befriending with the gays in the first place.

and things like this is a battle that can never be won by any side. it's like unicorn and dragons.... their not real!!.. cause this battle is not gonna prove who is the better person, or who is right and wrong..

im trying to say that it's a waste of electric bill for me to convince you otherwise. cause like the gays, giving them advise is useless and so does convincing a straight person to change from an anti gay to a GO-gay person..

dah dah amir aku lapar.. tak makan dinner pasal ko

Anonymous said...

keyrana.. memang la tanya.. tu la pasal aku debat kat sini.. or else tak debat pon kalau tak der lagu tu.


okok memang stone skang

A'a said...

insaf lah kamu wahai orang-orang islam.

*speaks to self. hmmm...

Amir Hamzah said...

haha! joeduckboy, ur one funny dude. i'll give u that. and random too. That ninja song question caught me off guard.

Anonymous said...

that was actually one of the intention of the argument.
and i know its hard to convince u and its hard to convince me otherwise so i call a truce.

no give me ur ninja song

sweet_knk said...

i keep refreshing this blog to read the new comments..

this is a very heated debate.. and what makes it more interesting is that it's mostly in English, debated by Malays in English.. cool eh.. hahaha..

still an anti-gay.. (^^,)

lolina. said...

fuckin' neenjuhs for life.
bitches betta recognize.

no. this is not a sign of the white flag. i just can't be bothered anymore.

Anonymous said...

ok now we debate on Pirates Versus Ninja

of course Ninja

Amir Hamzah said...

lemme see if i can upload it. internet is sloow

A'a said...

ninjas ftw!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

come on man you can do it..
its just a 15 sec song.

lolina. said...

tell that to his damn meksis interfuck.

Amir Hamzah said...


done. happy ninja-ing

Anonymous said...

thank you

sweet_knk said...

uiii, 71 comments and counting..

afifufefo said...

gay mmg xcool
keyrana baru la cool

ParasiteIsAnExistence said...

Tolerating gays is most likely the same thing as tolerating incest. Fucking their own mother or siblings due to their uncontrolled horny behavior. It is their human rights, why should we hate them? If I were to argue using your points, I would say tolerate with them because it is their HUMAN rights. But no, we find it DISGUSTING and DESPICABLE! Why? Because it has only been done by a few and are hated by the community.

Like I said, SOCIOCENTRISM. What the community find acceptable, you guys find acceptable. So far away from the teachings of Islam. But gayness is a different story since you guys find it acceptable, why? Because it is done by a large scale and are accepted by many. This is just plain STUPID.

Why do I write a very long post? Because I want to state points in which people will not repeat in their future arguments, but it seems that there are some who still argue using the points that I already stated. Rather than posting multiple comments, why not argue in one? You dont like to read long post? Fuck you, who told you to read my post then?

And like I said, do not argue unless you know how to argue. How to argue? Gaining knowledge about the topic before arguing would be best. And there is this one person who told me to show verses stating that gays should be killed.. Are you even a muslim? You do not even know such general information for muslims? Learn more about Islam before even trying to argue back. You only look stupid when you do so.

Long post is an eye-sore? Fuck you, reading is good for you!

Amir Hamzah said...

true dat.

it seems that most of the people around are just muslims just because it's stated in their IC. It surprises me how lacking these people are in knowledge of their own religion. Study it. Learn what the Quran says, then you'll understand the seriousness of this issue. Problem is, they're thinking the atheist way. There is a god. and if you're muslim and you denounce that, you should be killed. The teachings of god are clearly stated in the Quran. So we're not talking made up shit here.

So, it seems that the debate has taken a bit of a turn towards what's happening locally. In terms of Islam not being fully understood by its followers. You say they're human. They make mistakes. So are murderers. They're human. They make mistakes. bad childhood. something wrong in their head, whatever. You see, it's kind of sad that I have to refer to the extremes to make you people understand that this gay shit is not, and I have to repeat yet again. NOT TOLERABLE.

Now let's take a look around us lah. Instead of looking at it as a global issue. Gayness in Malaysia. It's getting worse too. Why aren't we doing anything about it. Girls, I'm talking to you here. I know you like gay guys cuz they're more in tune with you. So most of the time the responsibility lies on you. In this case, probably advise and guidance would help them. Cuz they are most probably close to you. So do your part, and right the wrong.

That would be alright I guess if it works that way. But unfortunately, most of the time, the girls encourage these gay shits instead of stopping them. For us straight guys. We would say. Fuck you faggot! for the straight guys who don't, i'm pretty sure they're gay. Or even worse, free thinkers.

So I'm not gonna say more for now. But as a last note. If you're muslim and you don't know about your own religion. And as they say, hari dah nak kiamat. I'd be worried. Really worried.

I may start another topic about Islam and how bad the country needs to restructure Pendidikan Islam into the schools. It looks like kids nowadays don't know shit. It's sad.

silent_reader said...

I thought,instead of girls help to tune all the gays, why done straight guys also do like that. Grow the love in your heart and help them out to search themselves. Hatred cant solves the problem.

Love doesn't mean you have to be gay with them, but show to them that you are care and you are pity to them. Show them that be a straight guys is better than being a gay.

macam mana?

Amir Hamzah said...

i don't hang out with gay people. but anyway, yea. for the straight guys with gay friends. please straighten them out of the bendies

sweet_knk said...

i.... don't have any gay friends.. thank goodness they're all straight..

but i heard some of my juniors back in college turned lesbos, about 6 of them from the same dorm room.. but the college doesn't know, i think.. one of their friends told me.. it's sad actually, but i can't do much coz i'm already done with college, waiting to graduate at the end of this year..

KUYEM said...

aku comment sebab keyrana suruh,
aku ade 2-3 org kwn skolah yg asalnye "lembut",
time tu ramai dak2 kate die ni gay,
tapi aku tak caye,
so sampai abes skolah aku still keep in touch dgn diorang psl diorang ni baik,
tak suke cari gaduh,
but after they moved to KL,
diorang mule jauhkan diri drp aku,
one day aku terjumpe myspace diorang,
tgk gambar2 diorang dlm tuh,
tgk diorang ny6e top frens,
skrng aku plak yg larikan diri drp diorang.

A'a said...

i went to an all-girls school once and i was surrounded by gays. they disgusted me. they disgust me now. how can a girl hits on a girl??? haha that's just uber eww. but i do have a "lembut" friend who was, i repeat, WAS gay. he turned straight a few years ago thankfully, atas bimbingan everyone around him. so i guess, you just cant give up advising them, re-teaching them about Islam and everything. we need to guide them and have faith in them. well ini experience aku la. aku bangga dapat jadikan orang gay, straight semula. haha

ParasiteIsAnExistence said...

I wonder how much does these people who argue on human rights actually support their own idea on human rights? Supposedly, if human rights are taken as a priority, they would then allow free sex, gayness, alcohol, drug addicts, etc.

I wonder how they would actually react if they found out that their father becomes a gay and usually commit sex with their grandfathers, brothers, uncles, whatever. The natural instinct of knowing and feeling that such thing is wrong will automatically appear. I mean really, can u even imagine your own father sucking someone's dick or better yet got his ass owned by other guy's dick (While tolerating it nicely since its his human right to do so).

It is utterly sick, I guess you guys will only notice and realize how wrong such thing is if such thing happens to you guys (such as stated above).

But, if you guys find it tolerable, then I shall say this.. You are one sick animal..

Amir Hamzah said...


Well, the main reason why we support the idea of convincing the girls to not accept and tolerate with gays is because most gays usually hang out with girls that support them. It is quite rare for the gays to find guys who support them.

Plus, when gays are unaccepted by guys around them, what they do is basically go hang out with the girls who support them. In other words, the girls have the higher percentage to help them become normal compared to us guys.

In other words, both party should play a role in this. "Neutralize" the increasing gay society.

ParasiteIsAnExistence said...

Owh sorry, the post from Amir above is actually my post. I forgot to sign out his account.

siddiq said...

All of this talks of public interest and cruelty of killing the gays are actually the effects of not following Allah's order. This what happens when things are not done in accordance of Allah's teachings. Evilful and sinful act of behaviour are exercised widespread and without any shame. Tolerating gays are actually what made gays too widespread to be contained nowadays in the first place. Since the system of the law is fucked up nowadays, laws are made following what the society thinks is the standard of behaviour, NOT necessary the right stuff to do, but as long as majority if people accepts it, then all people should accept it. This actually propels this gayness issues to an ever high standard since people are tolerating(preety much to accepting) them.

U dont have to know and memorize the exact ayah of the Quran or the Sunnah of the prophet to know that gays are fucked up and can be killed because it is true! Its written! Its either u r stupid or ignorant that u do not know of such thing.
Its like praying 5 times a day, people do it but not all can actually memorize the words regarding it in the Quran and Sunnah.

sweet_knk said...

i was at the mall earlier, and i saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that says, 'I like girls who likes girls'.. wtf??

i was practically glaring at him disapprovingly but i don't think he say me.. however, other girls saw his t-shirt too and they also don't like it.. a girl was shaking her head with a disgusted look on her face..

silent_reader said...

Pergh! Panjangnye topik nie! Lg satu sweek_knk, bukan kau sendiri ke ckp jgn benci gay, just layan diorang baik2 dgn kasih sayang supaya diorang boleh berubah and bukan dgn cara yg negatif bla bla bla.. kalau pasal gay ckp cmtu. Tp kalau lelaki ske lesbian, peeergh!! Pandang slack la pulak! Jgn jd hipokrit. Bak kata kau, dia pun manusia jugak. Mohomoho##

sweet_knk said...

to silent_reader..

uiii, bila lak i said layan diorg dgn kasih sayang?.. i never said don't hate gays, in fact gays creep me out!.. i'm just saying to give them justice and not yell and curse them.. but that guy in the mall was wearing a t-shirt that degrades women.. and i'm 100% against that!.. besides, he's clearly making a statement that he supports gays/lesbos by wearing that t-shirt.. the words weren't small, they were big, bold and colourful.. very hard to not see it.. he wore it deliberately..

i'm an anti-gay, duh.. hence the glaring..

silent_reader said...

huh? suddenly there is another one using this nick?silent_reader. shock a lil bit.. but forget it, everyone can use the same nick right.

just drop by to agree with siddiq.. every wrong doing things happened nowadays bcoz of against Allah's order.

very little muslim following AlQuran and sunnah.

Maybe we should back to basic.
Learn from seerah. we might see the answer.

lolina. said...


but it is REALLY necessary to call people with different opinions on this thing "fucked up" and "sick"?

gee ammar thanks. the person who documented you, your brother and your friends is official "sick" and "fucked up" in the head. just because she is entitled to her own opinions.

i may seem like i don't embrace the teachings of Islam but I'm not ignorant - like most of you assume that i am. i have my own reasons why i do things and i don't think i am obligated to tell you anything.

you're still young. you haven't seen the world yet.

A.C.A.P said...

yes, im agree with siddiq...it is because of the SOCIOCENTRISM that makes the rules and laws like that...

and it is human FITRAH that man must be with woman...and gays must be killed...Allah knows what is the best for His people...thats why He sent Gabriel to banished all of them during prophet Lut times...and its general knowledge that Islam is ALWAYS right...tolerating them are like approving them in the society...they wont changed...its like approving your dad fuck your grandfather anytime and wherever he wants...because its already legal, the society approve them and you give free pass to them...you like it? NOT! then dont tolerate them...re-educate them about Islam...what is right and what is wrong...pros and cons...and so on...cos Islam is ALWAYS right.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ParasiteIsAnExistence said...


U calmly accept if your father makes out with your grandfather and your brother? Woot!?

Ok, if u want to argue that much. You said that u are only "VOICING" out right? So why are you getting too emotional for? I myself am just "VOICING" out right? Lemme use your point, it is my "HUMAN RIGHTS" to voice out my perception of view towards such matter.

@Everyone else who says...
For those who still say that the Islamic law saying that gays should be killed is "STUPID".. Well, you officially said that Allah's way is stupid. I don't even know where to start to even flame you with... I am amazed by your little amount of faith in Islam but high confidence in yourself. I dont even know whether I can call u a muslim or not? Is it even acceptable to call a person who says Allah's way is stupid as a Muslim?

A = says Allah is stupid
Says Allah is stupid = Kafir/murtad
Do the math...

Well, lemme explain. The reason why you say that such law is stupid, is because you are not devoted to ur own religion which is Islam itself. Do you realize if you fully devote yourself to Islam, even if you die, your place will be guaranteed in heaven for all eternity? This is called Jihad. But you who are of little faith and knowledge, you are too focus about life on earth alone.. What about the after life? You dare to say it is stupid to do Jihad and earn a place in heaven if you die because of it? That is because you are too stupid to begin with.

I just couldnt accept the fact that you declare that Allah's law is stupid just because you try too argue with it using your brain which doesn't even possess the necessary knowledge about Islam in the 1st place.. Surely you underestimate Allah's wisdom in such matter, I am positively sure that you are not qualified to be a Muslim. Because if u want be a Muslim, you must without a doubt believe and follow Allah's order.. This is exactly what Nabi Ibrahim did when he almost slaughtered his own son due to Allah's order even though such order doesn't make any sense at all.

Who the fuck are you to say that Allah's law is stupid? You are afraid to die and go to jail? Fuck you, the afterlife is what counts. I am proud to say.. "Fuck you, I think you can obviously and easily enter hell without the satan's help..".

This post I wrote for sweet_knk as well, because she said Allah's law is stupid. Just read the post without the "cursing", because the cursing is for others who still says that Allah's law is stupid.

sweet_knk said...

to ParasiteIsAnExistence a.k.a. Ammar..

wow, that was harsh.. (o_0)

FYI, I DID NOT say that Allah's law about gays was stupid, I said the action of killing gays nowadays is stupid, because of all our laws.. it will get you arrested and put in jail where you can't do anything.. you don't see all our alim ulama' killing gays now do you?.. it's not that they don't believe in Allah's law, it's because they're handling this situation democratically, which is same like me..

again, I DID NOT SAY ALLAH'S LAW WAS STUPID!! please read carefully before you flame someone..

p/s: can't you post a comment without cursing?.. (^^,)

isya said...

oho.. ni azam la promot nih.. nak cukupkan 100 punya pasal. meh sini nak komen jugak..

this came to my mind recently while i was planning what to do after my degree.

i thought. if gays are increasing, straight men are decreasing.. then let say i'm gonna be single for 20 years to come, do the math, who am i going to marry? so little to choose. cute guys are mostly gays. life's gonna be hard.. hu3.

A'a said...

"@Everyone else who says...
For those who still say that the Islamic law saying that gays should be killed is "STUPID".. Well, you officially said that Allah's way is stupid." -ammar

"again, I DID NOT SAY ALLAH'S LAW WAS STUPID!! please read carefully before you flame someone.." -najmie

well, ammar did say "everyone else" he didnt say it was you la najmie. so at this point, i think, siapa makan cili dia yang terasa pedasnya kot? haha. i'm just stating the obvious. don't kill me hahaha!!

it just crossed my mind just now, for me being a gay is the same as being a murderer kot. if pembunuh kena hukum mati, then why not the gays kan? but then again, the human rights issues came up. some people think that we should tolerate them and be nice to them. then why don't we tolerate the murderers? why don't we be nice to the murderers? because it's salah kan? the same lah for the gays. but then again, i'm only voicing out my opinions from what i've been taught about what's right and what's wrong, growing up. haha others have the rights to speak up their minds.

one question though, isn't tolerating the gays and whatnot is considered as "subahat"? correct me if i'm wrong.

sweet_knk said...

to A'a, don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you or anyone.. I simply corrected him, because he mentioned my name at the very bottom of his post.. so Ammar's post, it was semi-intentionally for me..

and A'a, in my understanding, tolerating them could mean "subahat", but I wouldn't really know for sure.. but one thing I know is this, A Life for A Life.. and just to make it clear to everyone here, I NEVER said that I or anyone should or must tolerate gays..

my point from the beginning till the end was to give justice to them and not yell or curse them.. my argument was to change them from gays to straight by advising and giving guidance, but my method was proven wrong by others, which I accepted.. but hey, this is an open debate right?.. I'm just trying to be the bigger person.. no hard feelings..

so again, I'm not supporting gays, coz seriously, gays creep me out!!.. I'm an anti-gay and I DID NOT say Allah's law was stupid.. hope I cleared that out.. wheeww~~ *wipes forehead*

and I also seriously hope that all this debating does not end in hatred towards others with different opinions.. In some way, this debate has opened our eyes to the current issue at hand and made us understand it better, and perhaps made us a little closer?.. who knows right?..

end of post.. (^^,)

Amir Hamzah said...

in the end. We can't kill them and we can't ship them somewhere and neither can we lock em up. So the next best thing is awareness.

Make sure you do not "tolerate" homosexuality. Do not "accept" it as part of society. Condemn it, because it should be shut down for the obvious reasons. The more people who do this the less people will turn gay.

Remember the old days when gays are scared to come out of the closet? We need to bring that back. Cuz the state the world is in now is ridiculous.

Also as a final note. For the muslims, the verses of the Quran are crystal clear about what can and should not be done by its followrs, the words of our prophet muhammad is also written in stone. It cannot be changed, it cannot be altered, cuz when you even attempt to question their teachings and commandments, it's considered blasphemy. Some things, our minds are not capable of figuring out. We leave that to the higher power.

I guess that about wraps it up. woohoo!

Paras|te|sAnExistence said...

in the world nowadays, you can't go around killing people, not even gays.. not even in the name of Allah.. -sweet_knk

Well, actually we can, its just that we are too afraid to do it due to the fact that our faith in Islam is too little. Not to mention that the thing that made it worse is the crap about human rights and "gay is acceptable" thingy came out due to the corrupted world made by the "kafir". I guess one of the reason why I even bother to comment this post is the fact that I realize there are people who actually prefer the laws made by the "kafir" which is "human rights" compared to Allah's Law. And like I said, to become a Muslim, you should obey and accept Allah's law and order without a doubt. But you obviously, do not.

Oh yeah, if you guys notice, which I doubt you guys do.. The point of my argument is to "ACCEPT THAT GAYS SHOULD BE KILLED". I did not say that gays MUST be killed. Yes, there are other ways in which it can be solved (although it appears near to impossible). My only point of argument is to "ACCEPT THAT GAYS SHOULD BE KILLED" due to the fact that it is stated in the Quran. You have other ideas as well, I approve of that. But the problem is, you REJECTED the Islamic way..

Therefore, the rejection of Allah's teaching shall be considered as "Kafir". I respect other people's ideas to overcome such problem. I didn't say that killing them is the only solution, I only said that it "should" be done, not "must". I just find that the rejection of Allah's way, is totally unacceptable.

The other reason why I even bother to post comment on this topic is that, I want the topic to reach 100+ comments!

ParasiteIsAnExistence said...
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Paras|te|sAnExistence said...

Woooohoooo!!! I posted the 100th comment!! I am so damn cool!! For others who hoped and dreamed and planned to post the 100th comment such as Acap, weep and cry! Because it sucks to be you!! I am so damn cool! Hahahahaha... 100th!!

SakinahSyahirah said...
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Abudi Alsagoff said...

Accept the fact that gay should be killed..infidels!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

fuckin' noob

sweet_knk said...

hahaha.. over 100 comments.. congrats to... erm, everyone?.. (^^,)

Paras|te|sAnExistence said...

Haha, ok, no offense to everyone for my cursing. Its just that this issue is very sensitive in terms of religion. And as everyone know, religion is the most important aspect of our life, and we should correct what others contradict about our own religion. Contradict in terms of "saying that Islamic law is not applicable in our time". Because clearly it is known for all MUSLIMS that Al-Quran is the guide for human for all time until the judgement day itself. Not every single problem is stated, but every solution that is stated is applicable until the end of time itself. It is a FACT. That is why Al-Quran is called the Last Testament. It is the last testament which is sent by Allah to guide us human how to live our life until judgement day itself. If you do not know about this, clearly you should learn more about Islam before even arguing about things that you do not know about in the first place.

And one more thing, the fact that is stated, "A life for A life".. I don't believe it is applicable at all. How do you solve a problem if a guy kills 3 person or more? Can you kill the person 3 times over as an action of justice? No? Then obviously it is not applicable at all. Plus, Allah forgives people who repent, no matter how bad the sins that he does before, as long as he repent, his sins shall be erased just like a new born baby. So, where does this "A life for a Life" applicable? Justice can only be done by Allah, which is basically done in the hereafter.

This post is regarding to knowledge about Islam, if you disgust this long post, then it is official that you are ignorant as you do not want to learn more about Islam itself.

In case you want to learn more about Islam.. Therefore I recommend that you search and watch videos debated by "Ahmad Deedat". Aside from explaining about Islam, he frequently debate with high famous Christian believers such as pope and etc. He asked them a large amount of questions in which they could not even answer one which basically made them doubt about their own religion due to contradictions.

I don't think this is out of topic, since it is about "gay" in Islamic point of view itself.

sweet_knk said...

to Paras|te|sAnExistence a.k.a. Ammar..

thank you for posting comments without cursing.. it means a lot to me.. (^^,).. and I would also like to thank you for reading my comments thoroughly..

I'm here to explain about my statement, which you included in your post, A Life for A Life.. This is actually taken from 'Hukum Qisas'.. it is not really applicable for the gays though.. but I guess it is applicable when you actually kill gays, making you a murderer @ killer..

yes, Allah forgives those who repents, but the value of a life is great.. Qisas is one of Allah's laws too.. so I do believe it is applicable.. and I don't believe justice by Allah is only done in the hereafter, I believe justice is given to us in our lives nowadays too.. sometimes, Allah pays us cash for the sins that we committed, perhaps as reminders of our past behaviours.. we can subconsciously commit sins, such as talking behind someones back, spreading rumours, talking back to your parents, going out without telling the husband (applicable to married women), etc.. I believe Allah could punish its subjects anytime chosen, whether now or in the hereafter..

just something to prove my statement.. I took it from iluvislam.com.. I was lazy to translate it, pardon me..

Qisas قصاص adalah istilah dalam hukum islam yang bererti pembalasan, mirip dengan istilah "hutang nyawa dibayar nyawa". Dalam kes pembunuhan hukum qisas memberikan hak kepada keluarga mangsa untuk meminta hukuman mati kepada pembunuh.

Dasarnya adalah: "Hai orang-orang yang beriman diwajibkan bagi kamu qisas atas orang-orang yang dibunuh. Orang merdeka dengan orang merdeka, hamba dengan hamba, dan wanita dengan wanita. Barangsiapa mendapat maaf dari saudaranya, hendaklah yang memaafkan mengikuti dengan cara yang baik, dan hendaklah (yang diberi maaf) membayar (diat) kepada yang memberi maaf dengan cara yang baik." [Al Baqarah:178]

Di antara jenis-jenis kesalahan yang boleh dikenakan hukuman qisas ialah seperti membunuh dengan sengaja dan mencederakan tubuh badan.
Hukumannya adalah sama seperti yang dilakukan pesalah kepada mangsa. Bunuh dibalas dengan hukuman bunuh juga.

I hope this can satisfy you, Ammar.. and I like the way you debate.. keep it up, without the cursing..

end of post.. (^^,)

siddiq said...

but qisas cant really be applied in this case since gays have to be killed as stated in Quran and Sunnah..

Meaning killing the gays is doing something that is right.. Its the same with killing infidels..

Anonymous said...

omg mamat ammar ni buat lawak ke ape? cakap berbelit2. dulu cakap laen skang ckp laen plak. lari eh? what a bitch. da lah, malas nak merapu kat sini.

ParasiteIsAnExistence said...

I do not know whether The Al-Qisas is applicable or not when we refer to gays. Since it is somewhat a different issue.

Berbelit? I am contradicting my statements?? In what sense?

Paras|te|sAnEx|stence said...

You are such a pussy. You are too afraid to be flammed by others that you decided to remain anonymous isn't it? Therefore, deep inside you already realise tht you are wrong in the first place. Berbelit? In what sense? Are you an idiot? Not to mention that you are a pussy. It appears that you are not even stating that you support gay or not, meaning that you are actually having a deep grudge against me. I wonder who is having a grudge against me? Hmmmmm.... Yup, you know who.

Ok, if you refer to the law of Qisas. How much do you actually know about the law of Qisas? Are you sure enough to actually spread the knowledge saying that it is actually applicable to gay's issue? If not, and if it is not true, then you will get a great sin for saying so.
There is something I want to ask, do you know that if a married person had sex with another person, she will be punished "Direjam sampai mati oleh orang ramai".. Yes? So, like you said. This person who commit sex is a human, they do mistakes bla bla bla.. But, you also said due to the law of Qisas, "A life for A Life".. So, in this case, there are hundreds of person who clearly killed this married person who commit adultery. So, the law of Qisas in NOT applicable here. You want to kill all the hundreds people who killed the married person? No, because Allah permits and told us to do so.

My point is, if the law of Qisas is not applicable in case of adultery, then it is also not applicable in the case of gays.

Law Of Qisas = A life for A life
Married Person = A person with a life
Married person committing adultery = killed by many with stones
Law Of Qisas = Cannot be applied to all the people who threw the stone
Law Of Qisas = Is not applicable to every issue

Therefore, that is why I said, how much do you actually know about the law of Qisas? If you spread the wrong knowledge, then you will receive a large amount of sin. It is somewhat a Deviant teaching 'IF' it is wrong. When I say "IF", I mean "IF".

Anonymous said...

Xde org nak debat lg ke? Debat la lg, best... Betul jugak yg pasal Qisas tu, bukan kat sume isu boleh pakai benda tu, dekat tertentu je boleh. Kalau mase perang zaman Rasulullah S.A.W dulu dia bunuh kafir2 tu boleh pulak? Xde pulak Qisas tu dipakaikan? Jadi pada pendapat aku mmg x masuk akal la kalau nak sentuh bab Qisas nie kat isu nie, mmg isu yg berlainan kalau nk dibandingkan. Cepat2, debat lg! Kalau ade la, sbb cam pembangkang cam da abes point nk lawan je. Kita amik iktibar beramai2 dari topik nie.

Anonymous said...

salam suma..stu ja nachat aku wlau cm na pun tjadi n byk mna pun korang nk debate jgn smpai korang tersilap mngeluarkan kenyataan yg melanggar hukum hakam islam dh la...btw i still confused with lolina statements...but i kno everyone has their own opinion..
mostly i like ammar style...juz straight to d point n wala...to amir congrate coz u makes this topic hotttttttt than keyrana..muahaha...so guys plez stay away from gays..so embrassing!!! 4 d gays out there plez jgn melanngar SUNATULLAH....fikir2 kan lah

mnjeling dri jauh...

sam said...

i dont care bout gays.
unless they had fuck me

Anonymous said...

So, if I'm gay, then all I got is to die? You will kill me? If it is the way, then just kill me.. If it's ever that easy