Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's been a rough couple of days. The stuntwork was pretty grueling. This movie has really realistic fight scenes. So I'm hoping that this movie will come out good. But I'm not holding my breath tho. The storyline ain't original so it might more likely than not, to suck balls. XD

I have more pics but I haven't edited them yet. So for now, here are a coupla piccies and a video of me doing some of the stunts from the past 2 days of work. Can't really show u much cuz the movie is still in the making. But I can however post up "MY" stuff without revealing much about the plot and whatnot.

For the people that have been trying to reach me but haven't been getting any response, sorry bout that. It's gonna be a busy month for me so yea. :O


lolina. said...

just don't, you know, pass out on set or something. D;

see you on the 21st! :DD

A'a said...

and dont break any more bones! XD

KUYEM said...

yeah man,
dont break anymore bones,
aritu haziq patah,
arini jb jam apis plak patah tgn,
makin lama mcm2 tragedy kat jb nih.

nalhdaf said...

cool man!

@Fr!^n@ said...

auchh... tak sakit ker??
hope that u'll finish those stuff earlier.. :>
have fun btw.. :D

sweet_knk said...

cool.. (^^,)v
but the falling on the car looks like it hurts..
keep up the good work..
hope to see more pics n vids of your stunts..
good luck!!