Saturday, February 28, 2009

A really good bit of information for Malaysian Tricksters

So here's a vid by Dogen about muscle memory. Since we lack the proper facilities to train our tricking here cuz gyms are really hard and really expensive to come by. So I bet most of us train on grass. Grass is ok but it's not really that safe. It also makes our form in tricking quite ugly and lack air. So despite all these downsides, we still manage to learn our tricks albeit not the correct way, but still , it's something.

So even tho we might not get the perfect form that we want at least there's something we can work on. Which is the proper way of training. And this vid is a good resource for all of u guys. Watch and remember what it says so that we can all improve on our tricking. Slow and steady is always better in our case. Safety is the most important aspect of our training. So train hard and keep it safe :D


Hariz said...

Yeah good 1!!

Cat said...

Thanks for the video. Very good information for me and it's very true. At the beginning of my parkour training i trained precisions a lot, i slipped once and nearly fall. I always have that fear of falling since. It really effects my confidence even when i tried to cleared a gap that i know i can make it. So, yeah.. land a few clean moves that just call it a day or try other moves. Peace.