Friday, February 13, 2009

UiTM Malacca shoot days 1 and 2 (Behind the Scenes)

So here's a vid i compiled and just uploaded. It's from the recent documentary shoot. And umm, yeah the music. lol. I dunno, i kinda like trying on different kinds of things. Be prepared for the upcoming short film!! It's gonna be awesome!!!! I think... hahhaa!! Gotta finish it this weekend. All scenes will be new unused clips. Since I want it to be different than the usual clips that we usually do. So in the meantime. And umm.. well they'll be judging the vid on a few criterias. And with the current shots that I have with me. Almost none of them contain any of them, so ummm.. I know it sucks but we have to shoot something new this weekend. :p Enjoy the new vid. Me like japanese stuff. :P

ps: if the video doesn't show up here, its becuz i embedded in High Quality, so it's gonna take a bit for it to be processed by Youtube. In the meantime you can head to :D But I highly recommend watching it in HQ. It makes a lot of difference. :)

OH YEA!! AND WATCH OUT FOR ABUDI'S NEW FUCKIN' MOVE IN THIS VID!!! ABUDEMON!!!!!! first in malaysia on vid yo!!!

OOOh yeaa. I almost forgot. The finished product of the documentary will be posted too once they're done but only with their permission. :) So there, another thing to watch out for. :P

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