Monday, February 23, 2009

HAQ The Movie

I just came back from Sabak Bernam, from two days worth of shooting for the upcoming move HAQ. So anyways I don't know if I can give out the details yet or even the photos of the shoot. But then again, it's free publicity for them anyways. So I don't see it being wrong and if they don't like it I'll just take the photos down. But unfortunately i don't have any photos today cuz I didn't bring my camera. There's another shoot tomorrow, and I'll make sure I bring my camera this time haha!! I get to work with that Farah girl I don't know if I spelled it right. I don't really watch malay dramas so I don't really know her name or any of her dramas that she's been in but I've seen her on teevee a lot. She's pretty weyhh!! and I seem to have failed to respond when she talks to me. Segan arh. lol! And she kinda has that Ali Larter look. I'll try and deliver some good quality stalker shots tomorrow. :) wish me luck! :P Goodnight all

edit: eh wait a minute. I don't even know if she'll even be there tomorrow. arggghh!!

And yeah what I managed to do the past 2 days. I got to dress as a girl and get thrown into a van. and had a nasty cut on my foot. lotsa blood weyh!! weee!! crosdressing is part of the job and you'll end up being the girl if you're small sized like me. haha!! and umm let's see, i chased after a van flew and landed on top of it while it's still moving. had to do an aerial from on top of the van which kinda twists (i just figured it out) i kinda over-rotated 180 degrees when I landed. haha!!

That's mainly cuz i had to whip this kain i was holding on my right hand, and hit the driver with it through the driver's window while IN MID FUCKING AIR!! Yes, so I couldn't spot my landing cuz I had to look at the driver's window all the time so I can hit the guy. So I didn't really have time to worry about my form. Penat woo, I think I did like 5 or 6 takes doing that and I bailed a few times but luckily i wasn't hurt. Got it on video, I'll try to get it from the stunt team.

So okay, I did a weird aerial from on top of a van, hit the driver in midair, land without spotting from about 6 foot high, get into a fighting position, wait for the que from the other stunt guy coming out from the other side of the van, flying kick the dude's chest and get out of the screen all the time while trying to hide my face. The camera was like 7 feet away from the van. Oh yea, I forgot to mention. I had to wear a Baju Melayu and kain sampin while doing all this. Yay!! So cool. I had to be the body double for the main actor.

But all in all it was a fun day. Not really that stressful. Cuz I was thinking to myself that this is not for the directors, its for me, and I want my work to be awesome!! So yea, I had fun challenging myself. A few bumps and scrapes to answer for that. So that's it. :D Tomorrow is another day for another update. And with PICCIES!!!

Stay Tuned


Keyrana said...

haha amir pemalu orangnye!

bitau die abg key kirim salam. dia knal punye

KUYEM said...

sabak bernam katne..?
pahang ey..?
HAHA my geo sucks,
anyway is this another tv3 superhero drama series..?

Amir Hamzah said...

its gonna be a movie :) for the cinemas

A'a said...

ooh sure sounds like a lot of fun!! :D and woot? you dressed like a girl?? i SO wanna see that!!

lolina. said...

lol if it's for the cinemas, so totally watching. and i'm dragging you along to watch it >D and probably embarrass you in the process XD you still owe me two movie dates da yo! XDD

A'a said...

hahaha lina! he owes me some too!! XD ini budak amir selalu busy hoho. but in my case, its a problem lah ahhahaahaha

Abudi Alsagoff said...

is this going to be another movie that dissapoint all of us just like cicakman 2??i think it will be,as long as you got paid man,the movie never matters! :)) HAHAHAHA

A'a said...

its not like we see amir's face in the movie pon :P hahahaha oh i havent watched cicakman 2 yet btw

Hariz said...

Woah cool man!!
Ur in de movies again!!
damn ur talented!!
hope ull get some pics of de farah gal ur talkin

Anonymous said...

hi aina...

Amir Hamzah said...

oh emmm geee!!!! siapa anonymous ni?
the only people who call me that are these two ladies on set!! :O