Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free for the time being... :D

Alrity so from today till the 6th of next month, I'll be free as a bird woohooo!!! My whole body is sakit, I got a little scrape on my left eyelid, lotsa bruises, a wound on my left foot and more tan!! haha!! But it was good fun tho.

So I don't have much to write about right now. Maybe later but I have for you today a little compiled video of clips for the supposed short film competition that we were supposed to enter. It still had a lot of content missing, and this is the unfinished product. But I'm posting it up anyway, as like of a trailer or something for the actual video nanti. :D It's gonna be a long one, not like a normal video clip. I've got everything drawn out in my head and hopefully it'll come out to fruition. It's a long term project, so yea. Wait for it. It's not coming out soon I'm afraid. haha!!

edit : Alrity. I think imma fill in the blanks and tell you what I did yesterday. haha! Fortunately for me, yesterday's shoot at an underground carpark in CapSquare which I think is a new place's call time was at 12pm. So I had a lot of time to sleep. And I thought that it was gonna be just a simple fight scene which in the end, was a fairly simple fight scene but very painful. XD

So this part is where a coupla other dudes and myself drive and block a bmw while the driver (a woman) was driving out and kidnap her. But then the "Hero" who was tgh happily jalan kaki after having flirting or something with the woman heard her shouting and shit and came running back in slooooww mooottiiiooonnn..... wow.. Running in slow motion. Oh yea speaking of slow motions. I saw the cameras these guys were using and it they were RED. Not the color, the brand is RED One i think. And from what I saw, these were DIGITAL!!! Everything was stored into hard drives!! AWESOME SHIT MON!!!

Ok so back on track, this dude comes running back to the crime scene and I got a flying kick fro the dude and as I came back to smack his head, he blocks and lifts me up and throws me down on the concrete. Yes, you read right. LIFTS ME UP and slams me INTO THE CONCRETE!!!! WTF!!! Bapak sakit sial!! after that one I had to do another couple of webster bails where I land on my back for the close up shot of the dude slamming me to the concrete. WEBSTER BAILS WHERE I LAND ON MY BACK ON CONCRETE!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! and after that I had to get kicked in the chest for real for the close up shot of the flying kick. Even with padding, SAKIT SIALLL!!! WTF??? Lol!!

The director is one insane dude. Nak semua look effing real without any concerns for safety. As long as it looks good he doesn't seem to care about the cost. For an experienced stuntman who trains for these kinds of falls and shit the stuff I did was easy peasy I'm sure. But I'm not trained to do those things mon. I'm a free runner yo. I can do some kicks and some flips, but not EVERYTHING. haha!! Had to fight my instincts everytime I do the stunts they ask me to do.

It's pretty easier to do things this time around as compared to last time. I used to get nervous before every scene cuz I was afraid to mess up. But nowadays, I just take my time to analyze the timing, the marks and the moves that I have to do and progressively try to get better at them on the spot rather than worrying about it before hand. Which seems to work. I'm more relaxed, less tense and it just makes things less tiring overall.

And umm the girl I mentioned. Apparently her name's Raja Farah. haha! I dunno about u guys but she's really cute in person. :D and to Lina and A'a. I'm out of credits lah. haha!! I'll top up soon. weee!! peace out!!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

omg, this video is really cool, well cool when my part is ON!! WOhoooo!!! im so cool!! hahahahah..yes you're back free! training mode=1!

KUYEM said...

raja farah cun ke..?
dagu panjang kan LOL,
anyway im really looking forward to watch th movie ur into rite now,
sape hero tu amir..?

lolina. said...

lol no worries bro. I figured you habis credit. COME ONLINE OMG. no credit is being used if you do XD
rindu pulak si abang stuntman saya ni.
I do hope you're alright though, considering the 1001 falls you had to take @__@ i baca also damn kaw sakit already.

and RED cam. those are the fucking shiznit yo.

oh and I'm editing the documentary right now. haha. you'll see your bloopers on youtube pretty soon XD

Abudi Alsagoff said...

Raja Farah's not cute, she's sexyyyyyy~ yes, you read right. it's with 5 y!!

A'a said...

ran out of credits? lol i kinda figured. XD and btw, the interview has to be made through a phone call cos apparently i need to hear you talking to transcribe the vowels whatsoever. haha language thing. so imma call you sometime this week, if you have credits already.:P im running low of credits too. hmmm, gonna top up real soon. HAHA!!

and heyyyy, be careful with the stunts lah wey!!! so scary lah!! your arms still recovering remember???

@Fr!^n@ said...

cant wait to see that muvie.. heee.. amir da jadi star now..;)
nak mintak sain sikit bole.. ahahahah :P LOL

siddiq said...

RED!!! aritu mase nak beli HD cam aku nak cadang brand ni sbb red ade gak yg untuk mass market tp lpas tgk harga die trus x jadi!lol


for the pains you face during those shooting days..its for the best of our local movie industry..hahaha

quality bro. filem malaysia skrg mane nak dpt. so you just have to bare it!