Thursday, January 22, 2009

Parkour Documentary

Earlier today I got an email on myspace from a UITM Malacca student. She wants to cover the story of parkour in Malaysia. It's gonna be around 10-15 minutes. So, I'm gonna be meeting up with her sometime next week. So this weekend I'll discuss with the rest of the guys. It's not a paid gig, but it should be fun nonetheless and not to mention a free advertising grounds to the UITM students. On top of that, there's bound to be some college chicks that'll be watching this. Not a bad deal I think. lol!

So that's that. I'll give you the details after the meeting with her. Oh yeah, Abudi. By the end of this week you should be free right? So then you can go with me lah nanti and meet these people. Woohoo!! Abudi so long haven't seen you. haha!

Next off. Sunday's PD trip. So it's gonna be at Teluk Kemang? I dunno the whole plan but I'm guessing we'll meet up at my place and convoy all the way there. I don't know if I remember how to get there. But it should be easy as long as we don't overshoot the exit. Awesome stuff. Gotta pump the trampoline ball first tho. It's kinda out of gas a bit. XD

I've been online everyday, 24-7 in fact. But all of the bandwidth was spent to downloading a lot of After Effects stuff and watching a lot of tutorials. On top of that, I've been experimenting with a lot of ways to enhance videos. Earlier today I went out to try to experiment with lighting. I wanted to some scenes in Putrajaya but unfortunately it was already raining when I got there. So I had to turn back and do it at TTC.

The sun was out for a bit before the rain started pouring again. Blehh... But no worries. I'll experiment at the beach in PD on Sunday with the dudes. Woooh!!! I bet we're gonna get some really good shots that day. Can't wait. Have been skipping training for about 2 weeks now. Been eating a lot. :D

Well, that's about it for tonight. Till later. It might be a while til my next post. but don't stop dropping by. :P Thanks for the visit and have a good night. :D

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