Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3RUNmy PD jam session

It was a pretty cool outing we had. Even though we got stuck in a really bad traffic jam which goes all the way from the bangi toll till the pd toll. Pretty neat. NOT

Anyways, We've got some pretty neat footage. And I've compiled most of them already and was thinking whether or not if I should include the pool shots as well. And it's the 2nd draft, I think I'm gonna have to revamp it a bit more. If all goes well I might just do two vids separating the two parts. :D

Till then. Stay tuned for the PD jam video soon. weeee!!!!! and tonight was pretty cool lol!! Go read about it at Abudi's blog - http://myfrlife.blogspot.com


Hariz said...

Yeah cant wait for the video!!

Amir Hamzah said...

haha! it was funny. lotsa bails. but fun tho.