Monday, November 10, 2008

The morning commute.

After the usual late night jam session with the JB guys prior to their arrival. We had our 4 hours of sleep and for the first time in the history of PKMY everyone arrived right on time. Which is truly an amazing feat. I never thought it was possible let alone getting to see it happen with my own two eyes. Even Ammar woke up and got ready on time!?? That's already a miracle right there. XD

We gathered at my place at 7 and we moved out at the same time. We were all gathered by the time the first train arrived. I also forgot to mention, that Irsyad managed to get the T-shirt done in just 3 days. Have to thank Siddiq for the shirt design. It was great teamwork.

Saturday morning was a foggy one. It was the first time I ever arrived at the commuter this early in the morning. The atmosphere was really nice. Barely any people around and the cool morning air was refreshing. The train arrived 2 minutes later than the ETA and we were off.

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