Monday, November 3, 2008

Gen-X teen on loop!!?? WTF??

It looks like the show is airing on a weekly basis. :O Pretty cool. But for some reason it's not generating the kind of interest that we actually wanted. Ask Abudi for the details. He has become somewhat of a scapegoat and has been receiving countless sms's and calls ever since the show got aired a few months ago. hahahahahaha!! And the most recent sms he got is freaking awesomely hilarious!!! More on that later. :P

Apart from that. My name has become Ammar in that show. Niceee. Now everyone will get confused if they see it. I thought they were gonna dub it out. But it seems that they didn't do anything of such and to make matters worse they even had it on text spelling AMAR. <--- That's not how you spell my brother's name btw. They forgot another M. niceee. Now let's review other news that are of much higher importance. This week's KBS free-run demo. Hmmm.... I wonder how it's gonna work out. We haven't been doing any choreography. I'm pretty sure that we're gonna have to in some way. At least have some sort of flow going about it. Or else it's gonna be frickin' ugly. But I'm sure we'll be able to work something out. We got some of the best guys performing on that day. Should be lots of fun~! Okay, so that part's covered. sort of anyway. Lol! On to my photoshopping madness!!! What has made me return to the world of Photoshop you say? hmmm... i dunno. I just feel that normal photos lacks that extra punch. I can only do so much with my current gears and I would like to think that I've been using them to their full extent. So now it's back to the lab to experiment with new things and to find new plugins to mix and match with. :D Here are a few that I've done. Oh the black and white one is umm. Well I don't know what else to do with that photo. It kinda looks good in black and white rather than color. :)

Going back home after a hard but awesome day of putting our training to full use.

This is Azizi a.k.a GG trying to balance himself lol!

And in this one is MEEEEE. I can't do an Au Batido with my good armm!!!! lol!!

That's all for now. later!!

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