Monday, November 17, 2008

A flower for you

Holy sheeet! I'm wasting my life away. I'm now a certified couch potato I think. I've been couch potatoe-ing for the past week!! This is great!! hahaha!! I've left most of my activities out in the cold cuz I'm now addicted to this couch potatoe-ing extreme sports. I must say it's a very-very dangerous and extreme sport. Probably the most dangerous of them all!!

Seriously, I face mortal danger everyday. I sit at the same spot staring at the same spot for at least 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. So how is this dangerous for me you say? Well I can tell you one thing. It really takes out your concentration. Especially when I do my tricking or parkour. I need like at least 30 minutes of warming up, 30 minutes of getting mentally ready, and about 30 minutes more to get my concentration at it's optimum level. If not, there could just be another bone shattering incident. yeesh!!!

Couple that with my nasty fast food eating habits. Yummy. I'm eating all this junk food on a daily basis and I almost always skip breakfast. So it's fast food for brunch, and for dinner I would have preservative ridden food from the local restaurant. yay!! Talk about digging your own grave.

I should be out training more often now that my arm is getting better. But I made the mistake of buying 5 new games for the 360. aaahh!! And I haven't even finished one!!! The weather has been rather sucky as well. Heavy rains almost everyday. I was never a morning person, so morning training sessions are a no-no for me. My body just won't respond cuz it's still asleep. haha!!

As for the massive amounts of KBS photos I still have in my hard drive. I still am too lazy to go thru them to pick out the ones that stand out. Cuz I think that there's at least 500 pics in there!! And my brain has been slowed down due to lack of any mental excercises for the past week is in no shape to do any of this time consuming work. :P So it's gonna have to wait. For now, I'll just pick out pics that I don't really have to work much on to fill in the void. I want to have at least a pic per post, even tho it doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand. haha!!

So this is another flower shot. I like flowers. They're pretty to shoot. And easy to process. A very good stress reliever. Okay, so I'm gonna try and finish my fallout. 50-hours in. Yay!! I have no life. I know. Thank you very much.


A'a said...

this flower's mine!! mine mine mineeee!! hahaha :D

Nicholas Leong said...

Walk from Vault 101 to Vault 87. And you are done with Fallout 3 :P

@Fr!^n@ said...

ahaa... unever let me down wif ya photo... nice one!!!