Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brief training session due to some.. errm... "inconveniece"

Today I finally finished fallout. But I still have quite a few accomplishments to get done with. I dunno whether I'm gonna start over again and try to get the evil and neutral alignment accomplishments tho. It's really hard to get to the maximum level. The max level in the game is only 20 but it's really, really hard to get there. Gonna take a lot of time if I start all over again. :O

So the review will come shortly. hohoho! And It's gonna be a long one. So after I finished fallout, I immediately smsed a'a to inform her of my super duper menangness!!! XD and decided to try end war cuz it has this tagline of controlling everything with voice commands. Which is a really cool concept, and what's even cooler is that it really works. Everything I say is recognized spot on. Unfortunately that's where the fun stops. Apart from the voice command thingy, everything else about the game screams "I suck" full stop. So yeah, I'm gonna skip that one. So now it's either COD5, Dead Space or GoW2. All are great shooter games. wooh!!

Wow!! I feel so geeky talking about games all the time. hahahahaha!!!! Loser gile. But it's fun to be a loser from time to time. :D Oh! earlier today, went out training at TTC with Abudi. And since I just finished fallout I decided it's time to excercise!! wooh!! But I was sakit perut so I went to the toilet first then got ready and drove out. I had my new sweat pants which are really comfortable. Cost me only 23 bucks.

When I got there I could see Abudi running around to greet me. He looked so hyper hahaha!! I guess all that exam stress does that to a person. But I was pretty ummm.. let's just say not as energetic as he was. The weather was cloudy, and I'm really, really malas when it comes to warm ups. :P Usually I just let the heat of the sun do it's thing while I jalan2 and then when I feel that I've loosened up, I go do my thang.

It's been awhile since I managed to train at TTC. I tried doing the usual things that I do before I got my injury. Side's from the platform - check. Vaults - check. Didn't do drops cuz I feeling like it. Would've hurt if I did any, so scratch that of the list. Climb downs - phail. Body-ups - first time phailed but I managed to pull myself up the 2nd time. But the pressure it put on my injured arm was a bit too much I think. I guess it's not ready yet for that. So I'm gonna have to wait a little more. Wallruns and climbups - check. Still have some pain in my arm when doing this tho. So, note to self. More conditioning.

Next off! Precisions- Phailed. Tic-tac - Still got it. wee!! With the precision I kind of hurt my heel while doing it. My left foot kinda got jammed between the floor and the stair. But it's not that serious. Should be back to normal in a coupla days. I hope.

Brought my camera but only managed to take 3 shots of the same thing and this one stands out the most. Didn't bring my sb-600 for this cuz takde battery. But the pop-up flash did quite an okay job tho. Oh which brings me to the title of today's post. I came, I did my thing and I had to go back by 6.45-ish. Which makes it about 20 minutes of training on my part. Because, for some reason I had to go to the toilet again real bad. hahahaha!! So it was cut short, and I think I should be training more often starting from now. I'm nowhere near the shape I was in back then. Gotta work work work!!!!

And today's photo. Abudin-dang!!! Doing a monkey-vault. He kinda looks like a monkey too!! :P just kidding. haha!!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

It's from a two story building!! I am so cool~
hahahaha..yes I am very hyper for today's session, ALOT of big drops.. wee~
owh yeah, the next picture, at your house.. productive2 :P

A'a said...

oowhee i can see my name on ur post! :D alamak! now people'd know that u have my number! HAHAHAHA nyehs

Nicholas Leong said...

Lol finally finished fallout eh?

I just walked out of Vault 101. Thats about my progress. haha been playing Mirror's Edge since then. Now I am probably off to COD5 before going back to Fallout.