Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tales of Vesperia Cleared!!!

I just won vesperia fuh! It took me more than 40 hours to win the game. It's definitely epic and I give it 9.5 stars out of 10. If not for the annoying anime style voice overs and lots of lame dialogues it'd be pretty much a full 10! Awesome stuff. Haven't seen this much work being put on a game since Final Fantasy 7.

Although I've finished the game. I'm nowhere near the 1000 Achievement points yet. I only did 17 out of 50 if I remember correctly :P But I'm planning to fill it up. I wanna get everything!! Cuz it's that awesome!! I'm gonna have to download a good walkthrough tho.

And just now I finally got to try out Mercenaries 2. :D Another awesome game. Graphics aren't that nice. But they managed to compensate it with some really wicked physics. Almost all the buildings, structures, boxes and what not can be shot at and the most coolest thing is that it looks pretty authentic. Wooh!! That alone is enough to draw me in. I'm all about destruction! :P

It seems that it's become a norm lately for me to post updates in the dead of night. It's 3am. But since I'm not doing anything at the moment, I can afford to do this. hehe!! And tomorrow I'll be getting my 50mm. Finally, after much searching and false hopes I managed to find one. It's a 2nd hand lens but what the hey. It's not like any stores still have them in stock. And I really2 want this lens. :P

The next on my list would be the sigma 10-20. A must have in my opinion due to its really exaggerated distortion. And lastly the most expensive parts to complete my arsenal are extra flashes and radio triggers. I dunno when I'll be able to afford them. lolz. and that's about it. Where are the professional lens line you say? Well, since all of the good ones are priced around the 5k mark. I think I'd rather leave them for the professionals. I don't really need an f/2.8 lens at the moment with my current style of shooting. (this is what they call self denial. or poor man photographer syndrome haha!!)

Okay I'm tired d. It's time to sleep. Gotta wake up early tomorrow to play mercenaries and head to asia jaya station to meet the dude with the 50mm. weeee!! Goodnight peoples :):):)

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A'a said...

FINALLY!! haha congrats for finishing it! :D that took you real long haha saints row 2's awesome!! better than GTA for me hehe right now im playing RE4 again~:D just cant get enough of it har har