Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another piece of the puzzle

Yep I just got my 50mm just now. Even thought it's a 2nd hand lens it looks brand spanking new!! With unfilled warranty card summore. Awesome!! The guy was selling it for RM320 but somebody else beat me to the chase in the board. So I had to play a little dirty. I pm'ed the guy and offered a higher price then he was selling in hopes that the other dude would bail out. Actually I didn't really think that I'd get it this time either but for some reason the other dude did bail out and I dunno whether it was because of my cheap tactic or of something else.

Anyway, I went back home and tried the lens out. Still trying to get used to manual focusing. But I think I'll get the hang of it pretty soon. But the results were great. Focusing at f/1.8 is really a pain with my viewfinder. Kinda hard to see the details with that small a window. But it's nothing that I can't deal with. :D

Here are a coupla samples at f/1.8. I don't wanna post up the rest of the sample shots which have no artistic value whatsoever. haha!! All are straight from cam. Resized thru lightroom, capture nx and even View NX. lolz! Converted at different times. :P

Cool stuff. :D And now I'm gonna go back to playing Mercenaries 2 for a while :P Tomorrow. The shooting begins!

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Nicholas Leong said...

Ooo congrats! The 50mm f1.8 is awesome for its price.

Hey, can you PM me the details of the Parkour jam on LYN? Trying to swarm your group with photographers :P