Sunday, September 21, 2008

Training in the month of Ramadhan.

It's 40 minutes before berbuka. Decided to post one of the photos from yesterday. The lighting was bad. Heck, the lighting is always bad at the Garden. So I'm gonna save my energy instead of spending hours in front of the PC editing those trash can quality shots of yesterday. This one took a lot of work to get it looking barely presentable. But I liked the framing and the angle of this shot so that's why I went through all the trouble.

I think I might make this before and after shots part of my staple when I post an entry here. :D

Okay so here's the original unadulterated shot straight from the camera. Yes, the ideal scenario for an awesomely bad shot of an action photo. Bad lighting, no scenery and a colourful mattress disrupting the whole mood. haha!! not to mention the lowly shutter speed of 1/200s. And for a flip that's just unacceptable.

Now after a while in photoshop and a lot of meddling. I managed to get this. It went thru lucis, motion blur on the legs, some lazy ass cloning of the grass, color balance adjustment and some layer overlays for contrast.

Can't wait till I get to play with strobes. I can promise you it's gonna be a whole different world in my gallery. Saving up!! weee!!

P/S: I managed to do 20 pushups today!! awesome!! i guess my conditioning can start right away! gotta get back in shape. Hopefully before the KBS event in November.


Nicholas Leong said...

And until now, I still haven't figure out how to make things disappear magically from pictures.

Amir Hamzah said...

it's prety easy actually. you jut use the "clone stamp" tool. hold the "alt" key to sample from another part of the photo and just paint the stuff you want to make disappear :D

but as always. its best to shoot a photo without resorting to this method. hehe!!