Saturday, September 20, 2008

LucisArt Tutorial. Get that Dave Hill look.

I'm feeling generous today. So I did this last night. I love playing around with stocks. It really helps when you have relatively good photos to begin with that has some kind of mood and lighting.

So we're gonna be changing from this

To this

Got you're attention yet? :P Take note that this workflow is specifically for this photo to give you a feel of how to use the LucisArt plugin.

Alrity here we go. First of all, download the stock photo from here

1. first step after opening it up in photoshop is to duplicate the layer, and use the CLONE STAMP tool to get rid of that flag pole or something below that kids' feet.

2. Next add a CURVES adjustment layer and click on auto. Paste merged by holding CTRL+A followed by CTRL+SHIFT+C and then CTRL+V.

3. Now fire up LUCISART, set it to SCULPTURE 20. Fire up LUCISART again and do the same thing for the 2nd time. Now we've got the "look" but the color's flat. So next off we're gonna add more vibrancy.

4. Duplicate the current layer add a HUE/SATURATION adjustment layer and pull the MASTER SATURATION to around 35.

5. In the same HUE/SATURATION window go to the RED CHANNEL and pull the saturation down to around -35 to protect the skin tones. So in this case it's pretty simple since the only reds are the skin. If there are other reds then you're gonna have to mask and paint over the excess reds.

6. Okay now we're there! biggrin.gif alright so now to brighten up the subjects. There are a coupla ways you can do this. Mainly using levels and masking the subjects but I found out another easier method by accident. Paste merged by holding CTRL+A followed by CTRL+SHIFT+C and then CTRL+V. Set the blending to OVERLAY. Choose a soft edged brush set the color to white and the size at 200. Set the brush opacity to 50% and brush over the subjects.

7. Paste merged by holding CTRL+A followed by CTRL+SHIFT+C and then CTRL+V. Burn the shadows and dodge the highlights to get that extra 3D feel and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


beyond said...

Where can I download Lucisart?

Amir Hamzah said...

you have to buy it. but you can always use rapidsearch :P

Abudi Alsagoff said...

but you still have to buy it.or else it would be illegal to use~ XD

hahahahaha..ckp mcm aku beli je..

Merissa K. said...

hmm. not gonna comment on the editing. but i really think the shot is rare(rare being a good thing here) and lawa! :D

RdFarr said...

Great tutorial, but you lost me starting with step 6. I don't know the shortcuts for PS, so I was a bit lost starting there. Also wasn't sure which layer they were applied to.

Amir Hamzah said...

Okay, on step 6 the shortcut actually merges all the layers and pastes it onto a new one. Something like the flatten image command but without losing your workflow.

you can also use a levels layer. Pull the highlights slider and mid slider to the left slightly until you reach the brightness that you want. mask out the background. just cover the subjects.

On CS3 there's a "quick selection" tool. I use that a lot for outlining. Or if you're on an older version of photoshop, u can use the magnetic or plygonal lasso. :) hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Amazing results!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Perfection7 said...

you lost me at the part where i had t ocrtl A the ctrl shift c then ctrl v. After i did that whe ni opened lucisart it was just blank and i couldnt see the image. Tried it a few times same thing, its as soon as i ctrl A.

Andrea Walter said...

thanks for the tutorial! very useful! i think that you have found the corrects ingredients for the "DAVE HILL LOOK"!



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