Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Fugitive (part ii)

So my operation was cancelled again last night and today. I had a very bad fever yesterday, and the doctor suspected me of having denggue. Thank god it wasn't. Was something viral tho. My white blood count was up to 17 where a normal dude would have 11. So I'm guessing it was quite abnormal. And I was fasting for 24 hours straight while I was having the fever. Crazy doctors. At least kasik la aku makan hanjing kalau dah tau demam takleh wat operation!

So yea, you can see how the mentality of the doctors there. Pretty fucked up is the least of what I can say. So Thursday will be the last day I'm gonna be there regardless of whether I'm getting my surgery or not. If it's not done by then, I'm gonna get myself discharged and get my arm fixed somewhere else.

Oh yea! I ran away from the hospital again today. My mum was the accomplice haha! It's always good to be back home. Anyway, I had my brother snuck my camera in a few days ago and got these.

This is the hospitals' backyard. Not too shabby huh? helipad and evrything, too bad the service sucks tho.

I've seen these nurses pushing these tanks around but I dunno whats in them or whats it for.

Ah, the lively old teethless pakcik. This is the guy I mentioned from below. I hope he gets his leg fixed soon. kesian la this man.

As a last note.
Stay away from hospital serdang!!

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