Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amir is watching you pee....

YESSS!!! a month without going out!!! Wooohh!!! I officially have no life. And I haven't shot anything worthy of uploading since forever. So I had to revert to foraging thru my old pics. And as I was browsing I decided to do a file count. And I have about 7k pictures in my external hard drive!! holy shit fucks!! How come I have so much? And my external hard drive has been reduced to 70GB out of the 111GB. Awesome!!

Okay so despite being a loser in front of the computer 24-7, I've managed to learn to buy stuff off the net! Woohooo!!! Now this may sound like nothing to you guys but for me it is a very exciting experience. I'm was online shopping virgin. But now that I had a taste of it, I want moreeeee!!! Spent 500 bucks shopping online since I broke my arm. I just got my new camera bag today. It's so pretty. And I'm pretty broke too. Oh well.

Hand/arm update. I am now able to type with both of my hands without any terrible pain. It's a bit melenguhkan and the odd sharp pain sometimes makes its way back but it's getting better!! Yayy!!! Lifting stuff, and opening door knobs still can't. :(

Okay dah lenguh. So I'm gonna stop. below are some old photos of mine given a new lease of life. :D Later.

This is my dad when my brother Ammar registered into UIA. So this is pretty much the dormitory.

My cat!!!

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Abudi Alsagoff said...

"Okay so despite being a loser in front of the computer 24-7"

NONONONO! A loser is when he says, "Can I talk to you for a minute? can i have your number? can i have it can have it?!?!?" ROFL