Friday, June 27, 2008

We've got a fanclub!! :P

I woke up early today despite having slept only for about 8 hours. haha!! well, 8 hours for me is a bit too little tho. So I woke up and there was no breakfast. :( So I slowly made my way back upstairs with my empty stomach. I wanted to go back to bed, but couldn't force myself back to sleep. Cuz my bed is by the window and the sun was hurting my eyes, even after I closed them. XD So I went to my computer and "halau-ed" my sister who was probably chatting with her boyfriend so early in the morning.

I decided to check on some forums but for some reason the connection sucked ass as usual. So instead of keeping me occupied it was giving me a bad shift of mood towards the not so good side. So I immediately went back downstairs to find some scraps in the kitchen and the fridge, hoping for some leftovers of yesterday or some tidbits maybe. But all I managed to find was bread. Plain bread, and that's what I had for breakfast. mmm... yummy... not really.

At around 5 I called up the usual suspects for a training session. Since I've been skipping quite a few training sessions this week I was looking forward to this one. But when I arrived, I was the only one there. Sitting there like an idiot doing backflips sorang-sorang. haha!! Both of them were late. One came after about half an hour and the other didn't even come at all. ceh!

So we trained at this place we call "Garden". It's actually a playground so naturally there were a lot of kids around, and as we were training today. A group of primary school kids approached us, some of them were still wearing their school uniforms. It was around 5.40 and school finishes at 6.30 or 6.40 if I remember correctly. I'm guessing they skipped school. XD they look like a naughty bunch and it appears that they were like a small fan club of ours. They wanted to learn some tricks. But I wasn't gonna put my ass on the line facing their parents when one of them breaks their neck or something. So I decided not to teach them anything, for their own safety and for my own as well. Below are the pics of some of the kids.

its already 3.3am. And I really should go to bed. I only managed to upload these 2 pics just now. Been trying since midnight. Grrrr... Maxis, please improve your services la. it's killing me and it's killing my beauty sleep haha!! alrighty. So that's all for tonight. Goodnight Vien :p eh I mean good morning. :P

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