Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gym session in the afternoon and barbecue at night.

Yesterday was a blast. We found ourselves a gym in cheras. A real gymnastics gym, and luckily it was near the place I was studying before so I know a bit of the place. But I still got myself lost again. haha! Unfortunately, the pics from that particular session was a bit of a disappointment since I was too hyped up I barely even touched the camera. :p But I think we got quite a lot of video footage tho. Once it's compiled I'll upload it on youtube and post it here. But all in all, it was a great 2 hour workout. And despite my body aching from head to toe, There's gonna be another training session later this afternoon. wee. Gonna try my newly learned tricks from the gym last night and apply it on grass. I just hope I don't break my neck in the process. :P

I was too tired to post anything last night, cuz I don't think I can keep myself awake long enough for my photos to get uploaded. After I got back from the gym session, which was around 6.40 or something like that, I went straight for a shower, changed my clothes to a more "bersantai" one and then waited for my friend to pick me up for this barbecue at my ex-classmate's house. This girl's gonna be flying to London next week for her career. I'm very proud of her and I'm pretty sure she'll definitely make it. She's one of those people who's got the whole package thing going on. She has a well earning family, I don't think she has any financial problems, the smarts, and she's very pretty too and the drive to go with it. So yea, really hoping she'll make it good out there. Good luck adah! and all the best!

Oh, and I met Adam, also my ex classmate. ROFL! funny guy. Haven't seen him for ages. Below are some photos of last night. None of me as usual. haha! and Adah was pretty busy tending to all her guests so I didn't get any of her photos. Well I got one actually, but it was too under exposed bleh!

This is Miki, rocking it out!!!

This fella is Adah's nephew, Naim. Could become a good guitarist when he grows up. XD

This is Adam, XD I took this purposely when he was acting like a sissy.

This is Mr. Bone. His name is actually Firdaus, but yea. It's a long story. :D
This naughty fella again.

He was warming up his hand, so we all thought he was gonna play something. But then he put the guitar down soon after. ceh!! kena tipu.

Future rocker and guitar whizz, Naim. Adam is teaching him how to rawk. :P

Tomorrow's gonna be the fight scene shoot. So I should have some new tricks for tomorrow. And another thing is one of my friends got a call from a representative/staff from RTM. They're planning to do a documentary on us. Weee!! and maybe we'll start getting other deals from there onwards which is another step closer for this to become mainstream and accepted. So far this year has been extremely good for me and for my career in this field. I mean I started off with nothing. It's really great to see this thing growing into what it is now from the day I just started getting serious into this. At least I've accomplished something in my life that I can be proud of. And I don't get say that a lot. hehe!


Abudi is sooo cooool! said...

]-) I'm the "friend" who got the call! I want to mencapap! HALP! hahaha

Amir Hamzah said...

wooot!!! mecapap on my blog!!!! wooootttt!!! rofl!!

Abudi living and coolest said...

Woot! I've mencapap at your blog since your post of 'MAXIS YOU S+DUCK!!'

woot2.. Abudi is cool,macho, handsome, good looking!! come2 hot chicks!! hahahaha