Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Session

So because of my work got postponed to tomorrow, it means that I can't make it for the other job which is tomorrow as well. :( kinda looking forward for both actually. But anyway, the other guys are going including my brother. So it should be cinch.

So today, I went straight back to bed again after finding out that my job got postponed and woke up sometime around 11am. After that, I went online and did some stuff, and edited some photos. In the afternoon, we had a training session since the guys were back from university. Went training at Garden. Been damn long since we last trained there. It was pretty good, although I still haven't recovered fully. Abudi landed his friggin roundoff to backfull on grass!!! WTF??? that guy's crazy. and my cartwheel to sideflip is getting much much better.

I gotta sleep early tonight, since I have to wake up quite early again tomorrow. Below is one photo of today. I haven't edited the rest. Maybe tomorrow if I get to go back early.

Ammar has become fat.

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