Monday, June 23, 2008

Maxis YOU SUCK!!!!!

This maxis broadband service is really starting to get on my nerves. I think I'm gonna make a report about this. This is bullshit to say the least. False advertising, poor customer service and why the heck am i paying for my USB power package that doesn't even deliver even a quarter of their advertised speed? And the constant disconnections from my downloads and mind you, my downloads are of pretty small sized files that doesn't even reach 100megs. Most of my downloads come from vids off youtube cuz the video loads so damn slow and most of the time stucks in the middle which really gives me no choice but to download it.

Another thing is the throttling crap. My god, what the hell were these maxis people thinking to throttle anything that uses a different port? woot?? even my online games can't be played, how lame is that? I think I'm gonna terminate this piece of crap soon. Especially if I find out that they, are limiting my bandwidth cuz I just passed the 3gig rule that was supposedly been removed.

Enough of that. Okay so yesterday, before I sent my brother back to his uni, we went to putrajaya for some grass training. There was this film shoot there coincidentally, but we trained anyway since we were already there. It didn't rain which was a surprise and I managed to refine my cart to side combo pretty good. Now all I have to do is get my roundoff back.

After about an hour of training, sent them back and went back home for a shower and went straight back out for a movie with my brother. Been missing out on some movies that I wanted to watch. Watched the Hulk which was good. Very ganas tho but good. Went back after the movie and sent my brother back home before I went out again for a drink with my friend Sya and her sisters' ex-boyfriend. yep, quite a weird combination but it was all good. Stayed till about 2 and then went back home, took another shower and went to bed.

I just hope it doesn't rain today. I'm bored just staying at home. :p

No photos today cuz I'm too lazy to edit or even to upload any cuz of this friggin slow connection. Not really in the mood for that at the moment. Maybe later. Alright. Gonna go eat.


Abudi said...

Owh, Amir is cool. I know2 don't mention it. (since this is your blog, give you a chance..)ahhahaha..
Noob, you should've nailed that ro-back agesss ago when you first nailed it at 15!! ahahahaha

Cora said...

Good for people to know.