Sunday, June 15, 2008

Octopus cookies in my adidas shoes!!!

Happy sunday night people! XD I know you working guys and gals are not really in the party mood since tomorrow is monday but yeah have a good one anyway. :D

so today, I've finally managed to pull off a great arashi swipe! weee! and that with my belly full of mcdonalds french fries and fried chicken with a large coke to go with it. Not bad if I could say so myself. I bailed a couple of times doing the b-twist and a cheat gainer that went a bit too weird. At least I don't have that fear of bailing anymore. Great progress!!

Okay, I didn't do much editing today cuz my lucisart plugin is still acting crazyyyyy... grrrr. I'll try download another one to see if it helps. Cuz I've downgraded my vista ultimate back to an XP pro just so i can play some games and with hopes of resolving the lucisart issue I started having with that vista installation. grrrr!! but it turned out it didn't work anyway.

Now for some photos!!! photos of viviens' Octopus cookies and my super sweet shoes. woooh!!

now its time for me to sleep :D

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