Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cheese Macaroni and Asam Laksa

I woke up early this morning, very early in fact. I shot up at 7am and went straight to my computer to edit some photos of this Laksa Specialist. :p Unfortunately my photoshop's Lucisart plugin seems screwed and I think it has something to do with my newly installed 64bit Vista. sigh. So I had to opt to using Lucisart Pro which disrupts my workflow quite a bit but I'm gonna have to learn to live with it. I might learn to get new things anyway on this app.

So after toiling on that and after a couple of unsuccessful reinstallations and computer restarts, I managed to finish editing 2 photos of the Laksa Specialist. Took me about 15 minutes each :D and below are the aforementioned photos of this Laksa Specialist I've been talking about haha! Still have a few more though. Working on one of her with the laksa but unfortunately I didn't get the wordings on that one.

For the bigger picture, head to my flickr.

So yesterday was quite fun, although I still haven't watched my Indiana Jones movie, it was fun just hanging out and walking around and eating :D

Im still feeling rather sleepy at the moment. I've got a meeting with some UIA students this afternoon too. Looking forward to the event their holding actually, cuz I'll get to meet a lot of people then and most importantly, I get to show the people that parkour is here and that'll help the interest and awareness a bit at least.

I gave my guitar to the Laksa Specialist/aka Vivien in exchange for some bear and octopus cookies. Not a bad deal I think, those things taste much better than I originally thought it would!! Seriously!! haha!! But yea, I hope that she'll practice harder with that guitar around. But I didn't manage to clean it up before I lent it to her. XD oh well. Sorry vivien. :p

So for this whole week, I have 6 days to wait for the next Vivien's day. Hoping it won't be one of those long weeks again, gotta keep myself busy. :)

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