Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woke up too early this morning. :\

Love. A word that brings out so many emotions. Passion, trust, inspiration, tenderness, happiness, contentment, and also the bad stuff which may or may not include hate, anger, jealousy, resentment, sadness and by sad i mean really life wrecking, heart stopping, nothing in the world matters anymore kind of despair. Not everyone can handle what comes with being in love. They only see the good parts. Sure it makes u feel all warm and fuzzy inside but at what cost? Im pretty sure nothing in this world hurts emotionally as much like having someone u really love gone or leave. Most people can't handle this. So they cling on to false hopes and try to mend what's already in pieces. Sometimes, if they tried hard enuff, it could work out again. But not everyone gets so lucky. Some would just destroy themselves only to realize their error long after the damage is done. Some would use that grief and all those pent up emotions as inspiration and encouragement to be a better person, to be wiser and to get it through their heads that nothing lasts forever, nothing is certain and fate is something we know absolutely nothing about.

Love is a double edged sword. And as the song goes from the one hit wonder band, The Darkness, "love is only a feeling". But what that song failed to also mention is that these emotions are what makes us human. Without it we would just be robots, or angels if u wanna put it in a more glorified way. Without love there would be no excitement. Without love there would be no sadness or happiness. Without love there would be no progress. Without love we would be nothing.

We are beings that depend on that emotion to drive us. In every single aspect of our daily lives. If we loved our job, we would perform better. If we loved a certain restaurant, we would make the effort to go there even if there are other places to eat nearby. If we loved attention, we would do parkour, camwhore all the time and post topless pics of ourselves on our facebook profile. Oopsss... Ignore that last part. Hohoho!! But anyway, you get the picture. We are beings that love to love and be loved.

So, don't take it negatively. I know I have, and it took me a really long time to figure out that the problem wasn't love itself. It's just part of being who we are. We are such complex beings and we're impossible to figure out. Heck, I can't even figure out myself at times. I do and say shit that I know I shouldn't sometimes. So i stopped trying to figure it out and decided that I should just sit back, relax and enjoy the show around me. You'll learn something new everytime and ever so often you'll find people who make ur problems seem so miniscule and insignificant that you would stop dwelling on it and move on with life.

I like being alive. Wait scratch that. I LOVE being alive. I don't want to die yet. There are so. Many things left to do and so many things I haven't prepared for after I die. To those people who hate everything and wants to die so much as if nothing else matters anymore. Just open your eyes a bit wider and learn to love yourself more in the process. You'll realize just how lucky you are. :)

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Asyraf said...

i LOVE the 2nd paragraph

Merissa K. said...

well said, mir, well said.

and i loved that part about taking tops off and parading them on FB. heheh.

btw, thats kind of a handful no? typing all that on iphone? XD

Amir Hamzah said...

Ive been doing all of my online updating thru my phone ever since i gots it. Im really used to it by now. Haha!