Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak

Ah. Golek-goleking on my sofa bed watching movies and series in front of my makeshift workstation comprised of a 24" LCD monitor jacked as an external viewer from my brother's laptop and a pretty kickass stereo subwoofer speaker set that i got for cheaps, but it delivers quite a bangin' to the hearin' in this small house i live in. That is pretty much what i do whenever im at home.

Im still stuck on the first page of my 2nd song on the piano. Its already been a week and my fingers are o ly starting to get used to the finger positions. As you get older, dexterity is a word that will start to lose its meaning very quickly. But im getting there tho.

Im playing an intermediate piece or so it says on the description of this score. Can't say its really complicated, since i can somewhat play it and make it sound right without reference. Its just that im getting old. :\

My car was back earlier today, but got sent right back to the workshop since those guys did a pretty shabby job on the bodywork. So im getting it back again tomorrow. For good. Yay!! I miss my car.

Training's been good. Been sick for the past week but i seem to be getting better and can continue with my usual training regime starting from the upcoming monday. I seriously hate being sick. Thank god for ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak.

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RuNNi said...

I hate being sick, but i hate medz even worse... >:P
n the only reason i take pills(when i need to) is because i know some people can't- konon kacak,macho n brgaya dapat telan pills tanpa air :P

RuNNi said...

oh ps: get well real soon..

armouris said...

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