Friday, September 11, 2009

Aswara FTV Faculty :D

One more week and it's the holidays!! Woohooo!!!!!! So far, things have been a lot of fun since I've been in Aswara. Even though I'm dealing with quite a few assignments at the moment, I'm still managing. Some of the lecturers are pretty cool. Not the usual kind of lecturers you'd find elsewhere. These guys are very-very informal and have a lot of experience which is awesome!! :D

Haven't been doing much training during this fasting month. Just trying to maintain my regular workout schedule until after this month passes by. Then its back to full throttle training after that. Woooh!!! man!! I can't wait to go out and train!!!

Oh yea, cane armitage broke his arm recently. The fall he took was insane!! from my point of view I think he was pretty lucky to walk away with just that injury. oh yeah, also watched oleg's new stuff. WTF?? is he even fucking human?? how does he do all those things? Dah macam video game!! WAT DER FUCKK!!??? assasins creed + prince of persia sial. Bapak arh!! OLEG!!! why are you so gooooood!!!????

oh yea, so here's a few photos from last night while heading back to aswara after berbuka. :D that's all for now.


A'a said...

amir, did you gain weight or something? haha and the last picture!! amir perasan cool!! :P

Keyrana said...

cam pnh nmpk jln ni.ktne r?

Ms.Independant said...

Love the pic's!
*thumbs up*

Amir Hamzah said...

i've gained more coolness!!

kat tunnel roundabout nak gi dataran merdeka

tq tq :P

Anonymous said...

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