Monday, July 13, 2009

A Movie Worth Downloading

For some reason my internet connection is going at a steady 1-1.5mbps for the past coupla days. Most dudes would just stream porn. I on the other hand who refuse to follow the rules and the stereotypes of being a single guy in a room with very fast internet connection after many months of crawling 56k-ish connection speeds, decided to watch weird youtube vids instead. :D I went through quite a lot, from music videos, independant movies, pk vids, stand-up comedians, and for today's topic, Movie Trailers. :D

Fortunately for me, I landed on a pretty funky looking title called, as you have guessed from the poster I put above, The Machine Girl. Bet I got your interest. Now, I actually got this from another forum board while I was searching for some interesting movies to download. But because this is a feature length film, I wanted to know what's in the 700MB++ file I'm gonna be downloading. It takes quite a while to dl and I didn't wanna waste my time with a mediocre or sub-par piece of shit.

I went to IMDB for reviews and ratings. A reviewer featured on the page had only compliments on the movie. The rating was not bad either, around 60% or something, I don't really remember. So, it could be one of those great movies that most people didn't really get. Or so I thought.

For the final decision making act, I turned to youtube and searched for the trailer and when I did, I was caught by surprise. The trailer was awesomely bad!! Kinda like watching that OH MY GOOOOOOODD!! actor in whatever monster movie he was in. It's so bad that I had to watch it. Thus, that marked the final nail in the coffin and the rest as they say, is history.

It's definitely all I hoped it would be and even better too!! So, as I end today's entry, I would like to recommend to the guys streaming porn right now while reading my blog, to quickly download this movie and u can still watch your porn as you wait for the movie to finish downloading and experience what I have experienced. I can guarantee you that it's an experience like no other. :D Two thumbs and a pair of drill nipples up from me!! Oh yea, I would recommend you to watch the movie without watching the trailer first tho. Definitely a shocker of a starter. lolz.

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