Friday, May 8, 2009

Movie Trailers and their lies!!!

How many times have you watched a movie trailer and went "WHOOAAAA!!! Holy shit!! Gile power dowh muvi ni!! Mesti tengok weh!!", and imagine saying that with eyes wide open, and mouth agape while flailing your arms, hitting/tapping/poking/slapping (include any kind of annoying gesture you can think of here) the unfortunate friend (or in some cases, the girlfriend) who's sitting right beside you. But when you went and watched the movie, (in the front-most seat cuz the tickets sold fast) you come out through the backdoor of the cinema when its over, with an empty expression and in absolute silence as you walk silently back to your car with your unfortunate friend/s/girlfriend whom you dragged along to watch the movie just because you saw the trailer and thought that it was definitely gonna be faking asam! Well, it was faking asam because the trailer showed you pretty much ALL of the cool parts of the movie. All 3 minutes of it. Wooh!! How dareth they!!

ahh... I lost count how many times that happened to me. And today's movie outing was no different either. A few days ago one of my friends whose name I shall keep anonymous, saw the trailer of Power Kids. He was hyping up the movie saying that these kids were doing really sick tricks, Ryan Doyle style flippies and crazy backbreaking websters. He was right about one thing. All of the cool things he mentioned was in the movie. Unfortunately those are the only things that were cool in the movie. The rest of it was full of plotholes, bad acting (especially that mat salleh dude yang tak reti berlakon mabuk, he really sucks..), overused slow-mo sequences (which I think made for pretty much a quearter of the movie's length) of every knee-hit and elbow smack downs. I mean seriously, do we need to watch the same knee strike in slow-mo in every fight scene of the movie? And no, the different angles and the different guys you get the kids to hit doesn't make it look like it's a different move. geez. They should've spent more time on the plot which really doesn't make any sense at the end of the movie.

The movie was 7 bucks. And definitely not worth it. Oh yea, Imma spare you guys the pain and mention that the movie Sell Out, is pure crap as well. Weee!!

And as usual, a picture. That has no relevance to this post. :D

p/s: the new star trek trailer looks.. FUCKING AWESOME DOWH!!!!!!


McGarmott said...

Why don't you like the film?

I thought it was really good and LOL from beginning to end basically. In fact, in the Singapore film fest the audience were feet-slapping and choking with laughter. (Not trying to prove a point - just that the disparity of audience reaction on the film is very very large.)

@Fr!^n@ said...

kesian slalu kene tpu ngan thriller..
heheheheh :P
camni la... dont judge a movie with the thriller.. have some faith and dont expect more..;) heee..
u r too passionate bout action movie..:P
ehuhuhuhuhu :P

ps- btw thriller cicakman2 tuh nnt sure dorg shoot time u lompat2 tuh haa.. :P nk tarik perhatian..:P cara marketing terbaek.. hehehe

A.C.A.P said...

omg!! kalo aku tau sape mamat yg smgt ajak mmber tgk cte nih...dah lme aku blasah die...LOL

trailer mmg byk menipu...shit man...very disappointing...suck-ass man...aku dah xnak suggest ape2 movie lg...takut kena flame...hahahaha!!

Amir Hamzah said...

takpe takpe next time aku lak suggest. hohoho!! next one is star trek!!! aku rase best dowh dari ape yang aku tgk kat trailer die tadi. :D

lolina. said...

trailers tend to mislead. best example: remember the emily rose movie? the trailer shows the scary bit and...

that's it. that's all the scary bit.

and another example is the latest Wolverine movie. oh god. that was a shitty movie. T_T i still feel like pouring acid on my eyes.

Amir Hamzah said...

i saw the yang tak siap one. even better!! woooh!!

lolina. said...

gambit is ruined. forever T_T
hell, deadpool was fucking butchered.