Saturday, April 4, 2009

This pretty much explains all that I do here. :D

Heading back tomorrow woohooo!!! Last day to download stuff!! arggghhh!!!! I've got 43gigs worth of games on my hard drive now since I got my psp. That's 43 gigs in a month! So cool meksis! They don't have a limit cap. :D Have been training a coupla times here, no tricking tho. I'm not confident on my fitness level yet to attempt any tricks. As usual, I'll have a solo session at TTC sometime when I get back to drill on my usuals to get back on track :) See u guys then.


sweet_knk said...

i'm the first to comment?.. cool.. (^^,)
i personally have no experience in using a broadband so i wouldn't really know what you're talking about..
wireless 4 me!!
have fun doing what u do.. (^^,) and get more pics!!

Anonymous said...