Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I feel so berat today. :O

Oh! it looks like my poser photo is gathering interest!! haha!! I know, I know, its cuz I look cool innit. XD

On another note, let's talk about the the weather. It appears to me that the effects of global warming has messed up with our weather as of late. There's no more wet and dry seasons anymore. It pretty much rains every other day all year long. Pretty sucky if you ask me.

Anywaysrudin. Went for a training session with Icad just now. Abudi is still injured unfortunately, but he still came to hang out anyway. I managed to get 1 photo from that session. Weee!! Why just one you say? It's because I'm awesome that's why, and that's all the reason you need. :O

Oh yea, to Afrina. A picture of chicken ball on my bed. :P She likes to sleep. Just like me. haha!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

im cool.i dont ditch you guys. :D hahaha

lolina. said...

you only got one photo from the session because you're lame and you let your camera sunbathe.
tsk tsk.

cuti buat jam session jom.
i wanna take photos.
i'll be you guys punya photographer/videographer.

A'a said...

oh i think i know where your chicken ball went. she's with me! i stole her!! hahaha cos i have a cat which looks exactly like your chicken ball! XD

sweet_knk said...

so this is the infamous chicken ball!!..
kawaii-desu!!.. (^^,)

@Fr!^n@ said...

i mish my luna when i see her... duhhh.. :'( but its ok then.. thanks for da chicken ball pic.. ;)

u sleepyhead... :P same cam all my meows.. dorg pun ske tdo jugee.. hee.. muke chicken ball nih nakal.. dye nakal kan... heee... im juz assuming.. ;)

send my hugs n kisses to her!!!
she remind me of olen n mickey.. ;>