Thursday, April 2, 2009

A chance for you to know me better. :)

The skies are not blue. It's crimson red. The sun is setting in the horizon. Not a soul around as far as the eye can see. Rolling fields fill my view with lush green trees swaying and brushing as the twilight wind gently blows its soothing breeze. On top of the world. A world where nothing else exists but me and my own space. Silent.. Just enough that it doesn't crush my sanity. Just enough, that I can hear my heart beating. Quaintly but nothing more. There's no rush, there's no race, there's no urgency. Just pure calm.

As I lay still as if lifeless on the soft grassy plains. The last traces of sunlight slowly fades away, giving way to its distant brothers to shine their own trickle of light from far, far away in the deep, dark, vastness reaches of the universe. I watched as the moon and the stars emerge from the blanket of light they were hidden from. It's sad.. Such magnificence, drowned as a new day comes.

Lifeless I lay. Helpless to its beauty. Somehow the darkness of night doesn't blind me. Doesn't scare me. Doesn't drown me.. I can still see the trees, the mountains in the distance, nothing was lost after the day transitioned into what it is now. Still brightly lit by the moon that shines ever so vigilantly through the night. This is where I belong. This is where I want to be.... This is where I am... a world of my own.


Keyrana said...

sng ckp kt jb dowloading stuffs dan menghayati view

izzyzatt said...

appreciate the beauty, u must be somebody....


sweet_knk said...

worlds come apart, and rejoin in the brightness of daylight.. (^^,)

KUYEM said...

boleh buat video ala2 sam 3run nih,
yg tajuk parkour poetry in motions tu,
aku dgr ko jam ngan shimura,
tol ke..?