Friday, December 19, 2008

Lack of much needed rest.

I'm finally home and can have a good well-deserved rest. But I'm afraid it won't be for long. Tomorrow I'm gonna have to sort out my banking problems. My ATM card and then fetch my other siblings and also head out to music class in between. I haven't even done any of the homework yet. Oh shit!! And I just remembered that I might have to meet Irsyad's dad to discuss about Sunday's Parkour Demo in Putrajaya.

I've got tonnes of photos to go thru. I have to send these guys back to Think Tank to sign another talent release form and burn the shoot day photos to a few dvds to pass it to some of the dudes there. Order the frickin HV30, get a copy of Adobe Photoshop Premiere, buy a new firewire port. And then get ready for saturday. On Saturday I'll be meeting some people that might last the whole day and the next day is the Parkour Demo. WTF?? When do I get a chance to rest!!??? Argghh!!!

I hope Sunday will be the last day I'll be this busy. For today I have a photo from the KFC ad shoot.

Apart from all the penatness I did have a good time this week tho. Had lots of activities and I even managed to train with the JB dudes. Learned a coupla new tricks and got back lots of old ones. Pretty neat. :D Let's see if there's free time for me to train tomorrow.

and this is ayu. We stalked her the whole two days I think. And these are some of the more portrait looking shots of her, the rest of them are stalker shots. :P

oh shit i still can't sleep. now surfing youtube for crazy ass height backflips. And i saw this. lol!!! The title = The World's Highest Backflip!!! LOLLLLL!!!


Nicholas Leong said...

wah stalker alert! :P And you choose not to rest wat. Went to see youtube somemore :P

A'a said...