Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The day the frogs stopped singing.

As seen on the news of flash floods and landslides, it's been raining heavily over the past few weeks on a regular basis if not everyday. The change in the weather pattern has certainly put a stop to our routine evening training sessions.

I've been off the computer for a few days since my brothers got back and quite a few things has transpired since. Most importantly the KFC ad offer. I drove these guys back and forth to T.T.D.I from Bangi for 3 days straight and in the end the ones that went thru are Ammar, Qayyim and a couple of bboys. The Think Tank production company also thought it'd be better to stick in one girl into the foray. hmmm.. At least cast someone who has some degree of athletic background la. I've seen this too many times while working on ads before.

Another that's worth to complain about is that the fact that they took these 2 break dancers to fill in as traceurs? WTF!!?? These are 2 very different disciplines. How can you expect these dudes to perform when they don't even know what Parkour is? And yes, as expected these breakdancers are way aways from their comfort zone. It's something totally new to them. It's not much about fancy moves rather than efficient and fast moves even in the flashy part of free running, we don't do stuff like a mid-air split while jumping off a platform. :O Yes, you read right folks. A mid air split!! So PARKOUR!!!

It's not really their fault really. They probably thought that all they had to do were some flips. Flips they did have to do but they didn't know they had to flip from height and with very little space to do it. Yep, it makes a lot of difference. So tomorrow will be the day the production team try to pitch the cast to their client. But I'm not sure whether they're gonna buy it. I say get rid of the girl, get rid of the bboys and take sabree in and ME instead!! LOL!!! hahaha!!

So till tomorrow for the news. As for now. I have for you a picture of a froggy on my window. For some reason it didn't rain this evening. But it did rain later in the night. The froggies are finally giving us a chance to train again. Thank you froggies!! haha!! And don't make it rain again tomorrow. So boring lah being stuck at home.

Ribbit, ribbit....


KUYEM said...

apsal tingkap ko ade katak..??
tingkap umah aku takde katak..?

Nicholas Leong said...

man i love frogs. Love that shot. As they say, ada feel.

As for the sticking a girl into the ad, sex sells, and guys like girls :P