Friday, December 12, 2008

Ammar the Cry Master and AbuZombie

So these are some shots of the last day of casting. They had to act as if they're running but in slow motion. HAHAHAHA!! It was really funny. I should be heading to bed now. These are really bad processing (yes im lazy :D) and I felt like going blue tonight for some reason. :P You guys and gals can enjoy watching these guys going full retard. You never go full retard. <-- quoted from Tropic Thunder. hahahha!! just kidding guys. Showbiz is retarded.

First they spot the burger!!!

Now they're racing each other for it. Abudi looks pissed cuz Ammar got a head start and he wants that burger real bad.

Then suddenly without warning Ammar lets out a nasty ass fart cuz he was full of gas. Abudi became weak after brething in the now fart polluted air.

Due to the foul air that came out of Ammar's ass, Abudi's concentration was sent way off track and he couldn't perform well for the audition. So that's why he wasn't chosen to be on the ad. It's all Ammar's fault. And this is Isabelle telling them, "Hey, when you guys get out, don't forget to tell Amir, me love him long time." hahahahaha!!

Okay I should really get to bed. This is getting a bit too weird. Good night guys.


KUYEM said...

Abudi pakai sweat pants daniel ilabaca..!!

Nicholas Leong said...

Thats some pained expression :P Shouldn't the expression be deliriously happy running to the burger?

Rather than.. err.. pain :P

izzyzatt said...

wow~~~what is this for anyway?macam best!!

A'a said...

haha abuzombie!!

Abudi said...

the FART flash kicked me!! veghy veghy veghy tughueeee!!!! damn ammar!! you bus3rd!!