Saturday, December 27, 2008

Abidu and muril ttc day

so after numerous tests done off and on youtube. I decided to upload a High Quality video on youtube with some action innit. And yep this time I managed to hit the bullseye spot on. This will be the default settings for future uploads. I'll pass it around to the rest of the Susuralley production members for future renders from them.

Also I'll pass to you guys the effects settings that I made. Presets for color correcting and contrast enhancements and also sharpness that's optimized for both viewing on hard disk, tv and youtube. :D This is kinda like photoshop really but much more fun. can't seem to have enuff of it. haha!!

So here's the most recent and final quality test that I churned out.
Muril has gone back to perak. A proper compilation of his stuff will be posted soon. :)And as a last word to muril. Don't stop training weh!!!!!! you'll lose all your tricks again!!!


Asyraf said...

smart sial mase mirul monkey kat dinding ttc...scene pling best dlm vid nih!! cool!!!

Hariz said...

Cool video editin man..
Eh how u set de video man..
Nice quality man!!
U guys rox man..

hafyz_dinh said...

ur quality test is absolutely awesome...
i mean ur video and ur HD camcorder...