Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still Alive

I'm addicted to Mirror's Edge's theme song Still Alive sung by Lisa Miskovsky. It just has that nice flowy sound. I love it. I might use this song for my sampler if I ever make one. I should get them clips from Abudi. haha!! I think I've said this a few times before but I still haven't gotten it from him. :P Procrastination is a very nasty disease. haha!!

I'm taking a break from Fallout. Yeps. I still haven't finished it yet. Wicked! I'm gonna lose a lot more hours before I manage to finish it I foresee. :D Edited some photos. Got more and more and more intense as I finished processing each. In the end I played with a lot of textures again. So to Kuyem, hope you like it. It was on the fly. haha!! I didn't plan anything actually for this edit. But came out okay.

Updates whenever I can escape the grasp of Fallout again. Hehe! which for your information, is quite far between. :P

Oh and as a last note. Mirror's Edge is a game that emphasizes on parkour. So far it looks really great. The Unreal engine, nuff said. The gaming industry is really pushing it lately. FF13 had better be really super good. Cuz it's been around since the PS3 came out and has been delayed eversince. WTF?? hurry up already Square-Enix bitches!! roarr!! :P

Irasyadnudin*corrected hehe* doing a backflip from a measly low platform. XD

This is me doing a triple super duper quadruple backfull to sidehandspring!!!

Sabree the pendatang haram!! haha!!

Kuyem chillin' at my place.


Abudi Alsagoff said...

eyyy!! the first picture is irsyadnudin la not ammarudiin!! Ammar was wearing all black pants man!!! aiyaaa.. batak xbox ni.. hahaha!!! Come and get your clips before my computer is filed with crapss

Keyrana said...

mohoho. kuyem mesti wt default gmba ni dekat myspace!

izzyzatt said...

hoho. nice picss~

KUYEM said...

thanx amir...!!
its my default myspace photo now