Monday, November 24, 2008

Obesity, It's even affecting the cat populace!!

It has come to my attention of how this particularly fast spreading "disease" has reached the feline species of the civilized and pampered kind. Yeps, I'm talking about our household pet cats. With the current advances in science and technology, it's no surprise that people are getting fatter and lazier due to the ease of comfort of things such as cars, motorcycles, trains, and all the other motorized vehicles. Add that up to the number of fast food outlets that's spawning like a virus all over the country, it's a recipe for obesity disaster!!! I guess a future as portrayed in the Wall-E movie is not that far fetched after all. Heck it might even come true. Now that's a scary thought.

I went to visit my granny earlier today. She has 3 stray cats, well not really strays, they have their owners but they seem to prefer chillin' at my nenek's house. So the owners would bring them food and the cats take care of my nenek who live's alone. So baik lah these cats. Oh did and did I mention that all three of them are OBESE?? Like seriously obese. I've never seen cats as fat as these. But they seem to be healthy tho. Haha!! Here's on of 'em. You can't really see the obeseness in this but still I think it's pretty cool. :P

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