Sunday, November 2, 2008

My new babies. :P

I'm not really a computer freak. Although I used to be. But nowadays I find that I don't really need to spend all of my money just for a rig that would last me for about what? 6 months tops before it starts going obsolete?

So as I got older I became more practical on my approach to computer upgrades. I've had this pc for more than 4 years now and I I've upgraded it about 4 times. Not much, but just enough to keep up with my usage.

Now with my new photography hobby taking precedence , I found myself upgrading more on storage rather than anything else. I used to have a 512mb machine. Which I later upgraded to 1 gig after a mainboard change due to the old one going kaput. Recently after upgrading to Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Which I know I really don't need but I like it. Cuz it's pretty and has lotsa cool stuff innit. Everything I do takes 10 times longer.

Waiting for Windows takes a while, waiting for apps to load takes a while and with my mega super 20 over layered photoshop editting takes forever to finish. Cuz the more layers I have the slower everything gets up to the point where I can't multi-task on my machine anymore. Running Winamp makes my work even harder cuz apart from the lag during the crossfading between songs it more often than not freezes up my comp for a while. Niiiicceeee..

So basically, what takes me 10 minutes to do in photoshop with XP takes 1 hour to finish in Vista. Yay!!! The price I pay for a pretty desktop. I know, it's a useless upgrade. But I don't care. hahaha!!! Anyway, went to Lowyat earlier today and got myself a new stick of RAM and another external hard drive. 320 gig yo! Should be able to store all the photos for the remaining life span of my camera. Couple that with my 2gig Pendrive with Vista's Readyboost I have a pretty decently fast computer for photo editting. Great!! Good thing I have my XBOX for gaming. :P

Now I can listen to music while editting in photoshop and surfing the internet at the same time with the sidebar on and full aero interface!! yay!! I'm back in business. Time to try experiment more stuff in photoshop!!! woohhh!!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

yes! Now I can take ur external and do MY Shock resistant test.. hahahahaha.. cause it passed the military test, let's try out mine.. HOHOHOHO

Amir Hamzah said...

Oh dayumm!! the ABUDI test is even more ganas!!! NOOOOOOO!!!