Monday, October 27, 2008

PKMY Jam - Astaka

So since there're tonnes of pics to go thru. I'm just gonna skip the non action shots and the not so cool shots and just stick with the bests of the day. It's easier for me to narrow things down to something manageable. :D And also makes the photos of the day more professional and properly framed in both the artistic and technical aspects of things.

This post will be updated regularly. On another note. My photo processing time has been cut down by the recent acquisition of Fable 2. Hohohoho!! Which will most definitely occupy most of my free time at home rather than anything else until I finish this thing. :D But nevertheless I'll try to finish them all by tomorrow night if possible. All will be posted in chronological order unless stated otherwise. Woohooo!!! Why am I typing in perfectly neat grammatical sentences suddenly? Because I haven't slept eversince I got back from watching Tropic Thunder yesterday. Weee!!!

And last but not least. Photography done by several of the participants of the jam session. Mainly Muril, Qiddis, GiGi, Accappan, Me and others I might have left out. :D

Alrity. News update. I decided to post 4 different writeups for this particular event. Which will cover the 3 main spots we jammed at and the other one for portraits, scenes and bails. :D Today I have finished going through the Astaka spot. Playground scenes coming up after this. Enjoy!

This is meee!!! Yes I'm tricking again. :D Albeit carefully this time. I'm scared of going high. :O

Hmpphh. My shots all came out blurry. Muril muril. tsk tsk :P

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