Friday, October 24, 2008

The serious side of music

MUSIC.. Can't have enough of it. The more I learn about it the more interesting it gets. This is truly one of the things that I can see myself doing without any complaints. :D But don't get me wrong. It's hard. Especially when you're past the age where your brain cells are developing. Haha!!

I have to admit, that it takes a bit longer for me to grasp what my tutor is teaching me than I would say 5 years ago? I don't even know how long it's gonna take me to be able to sight-read while playing the piano. Probably gonna take a few years. But no worries, I'm in it for the long run. I've missed class for about 3 months and getting back on track has been a rather bumpy ride.

But so far so good. And, it looks like I'm gaining back some momentum. If only I'd spend more time studying than just wasting my time online. That'd solve all my problems entirely. :P So right now I'm living a dream. I'm spending all of my time doing the things that I love doing. Despite the recent hiccup with my parkour training, at least I didn't lose any tricks in the process. That part of myself is also starting to gain back the lost momentum.

And I get to spend most of my extra time taking pictures. :D I have to say, that it's become much more enjoyable now that I laid off on the post processing. It's time to explore different things I think. :) 2 more days till the jam. Hope the weather forecast is wrong and it doesn't rain. That'd really mess-up the whole thing. I have a few shots taken of a few things on the table during my last minute attempt to finish my week due homework. More on that tomorrow. For now you can take a look at my cool musician hand. hahahahaha!!

This just in. :P My 5k++ piano that I spent my salary on. Could've gotten myself a D300 with that much money. lol! But nevertheless I'm happy I got this piano anyways. Even tho I still pretty much suck playing it. :P

My homework. It wasn't finished yet. :P


A'a said...

you're like a triple threat! *rawr* hahaha!

Nicholas Leong said...

lol damn, RM5000 for a salary. I also want that work :P

Amir Hamzah said...

hahaha!! there are much easier and not to mention safer alternatives. But if you're willing to risk some broken bones. You can try stuntwork XD they pay goodddd :D

Nicholas Leong said...

I can probably be that guy they run over with a car.

Amir Hamzah said...

whoa!! i would advise against doing any accident type stunts. XD

fara said...

say hi to the piano from me ;)