Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best of Jengka Parkour 2008!!!

I'd have to say, that the internet is a really wonderful thing. You'll never know what you're gonna find. There's always something new, something strange, something unexpected that you accidentally or lead to viewing. So in today's blog post. I have something really special for y'all, and it's called the Best of Jengka Parkour 2008!!!! Holy sheeett!!! Even the title has a very cool ring to it.

Apparently it's a parody of one of our old vids. Best of Gr4v|ty 2007. They pretty much managed to copy the whole vid down perfect. From the music to the photo slides and even the logo. Pretty cool to know that these dudes were willing to go through all the trouble of making this video parody. Although I feel that I should be a little bit insulted, but the vid is too funny that I can get mad at these kids. hahaha!! Seriously, I was laughing from start to finish. Damn!! On the bright side, we're getting noticed!! :D

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Abudi Alsagoff said...

"Hey you dont talk bad about Pakor Jengka, he the best maa"