Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back from PD

Dayumm!! I'm so damn tired. I just got back from our family's annual Hari Raya PD trip. And I've got to say this time it was really fun. Mostly because my cousin's back :D

This time around we actually rented an apartment by the beach. Ours had the ocean right smack in front of us and I've got to say that the view is awesomely great. Especially since we're talking about Port Dickson here. Not really the prettiest beach around.

I have a lot of photos from the trip. Most of them won't be uploaded. Cuz there are just too many of them. haha!! But I've picked out a few for todays blog post. Comemmorating my return to parkour and tricking training. I did a backflip on the beach when I was there. Although it wasn't that pretty, but the fear is no longer there. Pretty neat. :D And had tricking sessions at the pool everyday with Ammar. Practiced all of my flips and even tried a double b-twist. Good to know that I still have them. I'm gonna have to take it slow when doing it on grass tho. My arm's still not fully functional yet. :(

Here's me getting ready for the pool tricking session. Can you see the entusiastic look on my face. haha!! It's been more than 2 months since I last tricked so you can imagine my excitement.

And we started it off with a synchronized backflip. This is to clear the pool of people. Haha!! We basically got a huge part of the pool to ourselves because of this tricking session. Guess they were'nt really confident at our accuracy. :P

Next off! A sideflip! Wee I still have it. So I've practiced the punch side, side off one leg, and webbys. Seems that I can land webbys now. And Ammar did some crazy ass one and a half piked backs. Crazy kid. XD

After we got tired and ran out of tricks to pull. It was time for ze beach!! weee!!!! and here's me half naked in the ocean. I've lost a lot of weight but like I said before. I'm gonna work hard to get back in shape.

Suddenly Ammar decided to join in. lol!

To add to the gayness of the moment. We skipped pebbles in the ocean. haha!! But the view was great tho. Really had a great time here.

And here's my cousin who just got back from Dublin Ireland. He was the photographer for most of the shots. He's got a good eye for photos. Guess it runs in the family :P

Now here we have the whole lot. My cousins and my siblings. Ammar transformed into a frog.

This is heavily influenced by Zohan. Disco! Disco! baby! and yeah, that's my cousin lol!

And finally we have the view from the 6th floor. :D and that's all for today. I'm probably gonna meet the parkour dudes tomorrow. So more updates and photos, hopefully tomorrow as well.

So there you have it. Thanks for stopping by. And if you have an open house. Invite me weyy!!! :P


Abudi Alsagoff said...

Ammar wanted to see this!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...


A'a said...

wowww the trip sounds and looks fun!! oh btw, my open house was yesterday. sorry~ XD hahaha right, like ur gonna fly ur arse off to brunei! hahaha

@Fr!^n@ said...

ur family trip is awesome..
me myself da lame tak g trip camnih ngan family.. lgpun.. all my kezen kecik2 la.. euhuhuhu..
lain range.. ehohoho...
wah.. seronok yer ur raya.. ;)
have fun.. :>

aRe You? said...

i think pic ke-5 tu u kene remove ah.hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

lawa la badan abang.. nampak sedap... grrrww..