Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Finally Made It...

Let there be LIGHT!!

Yes finally the results are in. Had a meeting with some people from the Ministry of youth and sports. And we got the deal!! holy sheett!!! I couldn't believ what I was hearing. Although it was boring as hell throughout the meeting but they saved the most exciting part for last.

At first when I got this call from Abudi. He's the guy that got the offer. :D I thought that it was just gonna be another run of the mill parkour demonstration. And although I'm always up for some good exposure but still I wasn't in any shape and so were quite a number of the Bangi community. So I was hesitant in taking the offer since I didn't wanna risk anyone getting anymore injuries.

But then, he elaborated about how this event will be hosted by a government body. Not any government body, but THE people that could take us out from the underground scene. So after talking it out with Abudi on the phone of the possibilites and opportunities that could spring out from this venture we decided that this was it. The chance we've been waiting for.

So without informing the rest of the dudes me and Abudi went to check out what this event was all about with a couple of people from the ministry's office. So we had a chat in front of the Putrajaya mosque and they explained that how they wanted to absorb parkour into the mainstream, and this was when I was thinking, well I guess both of us was thinking at the same time that this is really it! Not trying to keep my hopes up to high, I decided to keep it cool just in case of any disappointments later on.

Earlier this morning we attended the meeting. I came with Qayyim and GG while Abudi was sleeping at home. Biasa la. President. LOLZ! So anyway, we sat through the whole BORING ASS meeting for the 2 whole hours and at the end of it the chairman of the event I guess or the chairman for that particular meeting seemed to have a lot of interest towards parkour. Heck I think the whole meeting room was interested in knowing what parkour is all about or more likely that there are people practicing it here in Malaysia.

The most important thing that comes to mind is the fact that we can start a Club for parkour. Officially. Which means we can hold workshops and official parkour jam events that are of a whole new level. But all this is gonna take time and we're gonna just keep training as usual and try to avoid any more serious injury. I myself am already on track of getting back in shape. My conditioning regime will be in full throttle after Raya.

So for the bangi parkour dudes who are reading this. Good job guys! we finally made it! weee!! and to the JB dudes too! keep training hard. We're at a new level now. Awesome stuff. It's gonna be an exciting new beginning from here on out.


Abudi Alsagoff said...

(saje nak leave my name over here! ahahaha!!!)

I'm so coool. you're cool. the community is cool. OMFG!!! GGGGGG!! :) :) :) happpieee XD

Abudi Alsagoff said...

My name is Abudi, one who is mentioned in the post above! OMG. you can actually meet the people mentioned above. how cool is that??! :)) HAHAHA

Merissa K. said...

omg. amir im sooo super duper proud of ya! this calls for a big-no, scretch that- HUGE celebration man!!!

im really glad that things are going ur way. dammit. rub some of tht luck this way weyh. hahahahaha

loadsa hugs.

keyrana said...

wow.i just like...this is awesome!!no.this is wholesome!!!!fuckin wholesome!!!!!!!!!! passion kiter dihargai yoh!

Nicholas Leong said...

Congrats :) So you will be a celebrity soon la :D

Amir Hamzah said...

thanks all :D this success is a contribution of the parkour community as a whole. woohh props to everyone!!!