Monday, September 1, 2008

Too Humanly Dark??

Went out to mid valley earlier today with my two brothers. Since I still can't drive yet, we took the train. Man. I fucking hate commuting. It's like everytime I ever get on the commuter all I get to do is stand for hours. Not really good for the knees if I might add. haha!

So anyway, we went to midvalley and caught Death Race. Lotsa explosions, lotsa crashes, sick cars, Machine-guns, RPGs, a bad ass hero and a very smoking hot chick. What else can a guy ask for? XD loved it!!

While waiting for the screening time, we had about an hour and a half to kill. And being in the month of Ramadhan, makan was out of the question which was what we normally would do. So we went to waste some time and money at the arcade. Tak sampai 10 minutes dah habis 10 bucks! haha! I guess it wasn't really a good idea. Didn't really help much.

Next off, we went to chill outside, in between The Gardens and Midvalley and I waited for exotic cars to pop up so I can take snaps. But there were'nt any. But I already stuck my tele on. So I just took some snaps and got a nice ass shoot and a shot of my dream car. Well, not really my dream car, but if I could afford it, this'd probably be the car that I would take. :D the Nissan Murano. So cool lookin!.

Now time to play my two new cetak rompak xbox360 games. Too Human and Alone in the Dark. woooh!!!!

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Nicholas Leong said...

This is an abuse of the tele lens :P