Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burger King + KFC + Chicken Chop = Belly Ache.

In about 15 minutes I'll be heading to TTC for training. I guess I could work on my foot-work while I'm there and maybe do some arm strengthening. :D Unfortunately I've got a stomache ache. aaahh!! tak tahan!! gi toilet sat!!........ oh wait! cancel. :P It seems that I can tahan it.

My health has gone haywire. I haven't had enough sleep for about 2 weeks now. And yesterday's Uptown gathering didn't really help either. Had Burger King and KFC and chicken chop in the same day. No wonder my belly's berjoget2.

Arhh!! can't tahan anymore, gotta go to toilet lol!

Before I go here's a pic from last nite. My cousin's BACCCKK weeee!!! at the end there. And which one's me? I think my coolness aura emenates from even this photo. My awesome Reebok dry-fit T and my newly purchased Nike jacket and my Adidas shoes just screams coolness! woohh! I'm so cool. hahaha! ok I really need to go now. later!


@Fr!^n@ said...

ur diet so damn tak sihat ok..
2 fast food n 1 western food??
aiyakk... what happend.. shian la kat ur tummy.. ahahahaha.. klaka when i read bout u sakit perot.. then bole tahan plak... ahahahaha.. :P LOL

ps- eley.. baju raye da pakai dulu.. tak besh la camtuh.. :P nnt time raya da tak de mood raya.. :P
bau kedai la encek amir.. :P

A'a said...

what??? u cant take burger king, kfc and chicken chop in 1 day?? aiyaaaa that is so not cool. cool people can eat what they want, whenever they want, however they want and wherever they want. HAHAHA

Amir Hamzah said...

hahah!! no la dear. that's not what we call cool. It's called obesity.

and btw, i ada baju len tak pakai lagi. hehe!! simpan for raya :D

A'a said...

owh so im an obese? =/ ish ish ish HAHA no lah, i eat a lot but body still maintain weiii hahahaha!!

Amir Hamzah said...

wah! then you are a special breed. haha! I bet all the girls that are reading you comment are hating you now. they jealous XD

A'a said...

HAHA i doubt it. :P but oh well, im cool! 8) hahaha