Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I need to get out of this house!!

I just recovered from a nasty flu attack. Could also be that the panadols that I took earlier are in effect. :P So anyway, not much have changed in my daily routine. Much of the same. I'm trying real hard to get my arm back on track so I can get back to my usual activities. Mainly driving. Since I'm dying to meet up with that special someone. hehe!

I can't shift gears?? woot??

I tried playing the guitar and umm. well I could play it, in a sense. But it still hurts and my arm is in an awkward position when I play. Need to play more often I guess. But at least I know that my condition is improving. It's been less than two weeks since my surgery so I'm very optimistic.

Mum's car the old Merc is in the workshop getting a major makeover and servicing. Hopefully all that cash spent is gonna be worth it. Cuz I've got a lot of things that I could get with all that cash. :P

So the past few days I've been going thru my hard drive browsing my pics. And I just realised how many I have stuffed in my hard drive. My external 120GB Maxtor is already half full! noooo!! I might be getting myself one of the 500GB models sooner than I thought. arrggg!! So much to buy so little cash! I'm gonna play GTA4 for a bit and kill some civilians just for kicks. I think I'm gonna start shooting again tomorrow. My trigger finger is getting a little restless. :D

My Baby!!

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Nicholas Leong said...

I don't even have a portable hard drive! Sadness! :)

And the door is that way if you need to get out of the house :P