Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fuck Mortality

I got back from the hospital today. Just spending one night there was enough to bore me like crazy, and being surrounded by sick people doesn't really give you that morale boost. But it does make me think about my health in the future. Some of these guys can't even walk. It really took me back to reality.

The "atuk" who's in the bed next to mine, popped his hipbone from its joint after a fall. He's supposed to go thru surgery to get that fixed but he's got no money. The operation will cost him 5000 bucks. I pity the old man, but there's nothing I can really do.

The other guy next to the "atuk's" bed was an indian guy. He's a diabetic and his left foot is starting to rot. Alogside was his wife. She's been there since I was admitted and never left her husband. I guess love really exists..

And there's this 15 year old girl. Whom I found out much later just got the chance of getting on a weelchair after 4 months being bed-ridden. 4 FRICKIN' MONTHS!!! I only stayed for one day and here I am complaining. It's just insane. I've never really thought about this, about me being in the girl's shoes. She broke her thigh bone, fractured her knee and a lot of her thigh was scraped off when she got hit by a car while riding her motorbike. I don't think I can last that long. It'd drive me to the verge of insanity.

There are a whole bunch of other people with nasty injuries. Lotsa people with broken legs and diabetics in my ward. And one poor guy with a brace on his head. Being there I kinda felt that my broken arm wasn't all that bad compared to these people.

My surgery was postponed to monday. A bit of a slip up with the date of admitance and on weekends they only do surgery for emergency cases. So now here I am back at home waiting to be hauled back to the hospital to get through with this operation. The longer I wait the scarier it gets. So I just want this to be done with as soon as possible.

Went to watch the guys training today. The sun was hidden behind some clouds again and soon after behind the trees. The lighting there is pretty much an action photographer's with a cheap telephoto lens like mine's nightmare. But fuck that, I'll just have to make do. At least it sharpens my photoshop skills. :) I miss training....

Abudi looking weird. XD

Acap acting cute.

Ammar and GG.

A tripod is a very important but often overlooked tool.

And I miss playing my guitar... :(

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